Salary Range:$110,000.00 - $140,000.00

Position Id:

Position Responsibilities:
Reporting to the President of a regional transportation provider.

The Director of Information Technology Directs and manages the activities of the IT department employees. Provides strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation, and coordination of the company’s information and technology systems and financial reporting systems. Governance of organizational IT investments and information access. Collaborates with business leaders to align IT investments to deliver organizational goals. Coordinates and controls all projects related to selection, acquisition, development, and installation of information systems. Reviews all hardware and software acquisition and maintenance contracts, soliciting involvement and participation of other management team members as appropriate. Develops and maintains corporate policies and standards aimed at maximizing effectiveness and minimizing costs. Oversees the linkage between external information systems (e.g., customers, vendors) and the company including systems for electronic data exchange and API’s. Develops and maintains the systems architecture, defining standards and protocols for data exchange, communications, software, and interconnection of transportation network information systems. Manages training and support to end users. Accountable for planning, implementing, and maintaining enterprise information systems that enhance the company’s market position and cost efficiency. Directs information and data integrity of the enterprise and provide leadership in day-to-day operations of company’s IT resources including but not limited to Data centers, help desk, communication networks, website, financial accounting systems, enterprise systems and office productivity tools. The challenge is to evaluate and implement changes which enhance the capabilities for the organization and customer for rapid growth and improved profitability.

Background Required:
  • Information Technology Leadership (5 years)
  • Asset and-or non-asset transportation industry
  • Transportation & logistics technology (i.e., TMS, Telematics, EDI, Optimization, CRM, TMT, Aljex)
  • IT planning and strategy
  • Corporate policies & standards to maximize effectiveness & minimize IT costs.
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity planning, incident management.
  • Cyber security & risk management guidelines-best practices.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree (i.e., IT, Computer Science, or related discipline)
  • Residence: Tampa, FL
Background Preferred (but not required):
  • Managed EDI integration
  • Graduate degree: (i.e., Master’s, MBA)
Other Essential Abilities and Skills:
  • Excellent communications (verbal, written, presentation)
  • Works well in a team environment “Team Concept”
  • Professional, positive, helpful attitude towards customers & co-workers
  • Non-confrontational problem-solving
  • Handles conflict constructively

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