Director of Finishes Division

Job Description


Executive Summary

This position reports to the Vice President of Construction. The Company’s primary goal for your position is to utilize your skills as our Director of Finishes Division in support of Companywide self performing workflow for carpentry and finishes division tradework for all variations of assignments, large and small. The basic function is to procure, expedite labor & materials, suppliers, and schedule deliveries of labor, materials and self performing services to our jobsites.

First Year Outcomes

  1. Grow our finishes program for self performing capabilities of the Company in order to handle 50% of all national program work across the board annually (remainder to be subcontracted)
  2. Refer 5 self-performing journeyman carpenters who are hired by Fiorilli
  3. Innovate and implement Self Performance Checklist PROCESS, 80% strong

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities


  1. Lead, manage, and hold accountable (LMA) all FCI Finishes Field Operations
  2. Self Performing Process Management on all sites
  3. Resource Management & forecasting of Manpower, Materials, Equipment
  4. LMA job costing and change order management of FCI Finishes Division
  5. Oversee ZERO Punch/Warranty work at turnover


    • Before construction, the FCI Finishes Division department reviews contract documents including drawings, specifications and special requirements established by preconstruction department. This department then determines how the work should be broken down and executed in order to self perform the work desired. The Director of Finishes Division must have good knowledge of the market place, potential labor or material shortages, and resources.
    • The FCI Finishes Division department also works closely with the project manager and superintendent to provide support throughout the course of the project in labor assignments and expediting materials
    • Leader in all FCI Finishes Division activities at FCI.
    • Prepare and execute FCI Finishes Division strategies.
    • Determine on a project by project basis with Leadership team what scopes of work will be self performed.
    • Review and write FCI Finishes scopes of work, just as we would a subcontract.
    • Negotiate and procure labor, materials, rentals, and any other project costs to FCI Finishes Division.
    • Manage material national accounts – negotiate terms and rates.
    • Develop knowledge of cost of goods sold and their values.
    • Train and become Procore FCI Finishes Division GURU for all Procore related FCI Finishes Division modules.
    • Negotiate pricing contracts with suppliers and 3rd party temp labor agencies.
    • Issue purchase orders for FCI Finishes Division and expedition of materials and equipment for jobs
    • Meet labor & suppliers on-site as necessary
    • Ensure compliance to project budgets and provide analysis of deviations and any change orders necessary
    • Ensure accurate takeoffs to ensure budgets are accurate
    • Research new materials for design and cost savings
    • Develop and implement FCI Finishes Division strategies to deliver ongoing cost reductions and process simplification
    • Assist in maintaining company quality control program
    • Leverage technology, safety measures, and information sharing to increase productivity and profitability
    • Forecast upcoming demand
    • Maintain supplier information on company online management systems
    • Manage materials/equipment inventory
    • Assist in developing and write larger scopes of work for projects bidding.
    • Oversee / check all monthly written billing projections, keeping approved vendor & owner change orders current with monthly billings, provide project status reports & project profit projections in conjunction with OPS and accounting.
    • BACKSTOPPING: Project Manager or Superintendent assignments as may be necessary during peak/down periods as we grow the FCI Finishes Division
      1. In your first year, there will be a significant workload of Project Management or Supervision assignments in order to support Company objective and develop an intimate understanding of our Operation’s systems and processes to best develop the FCI Finishes Division outcomes needed for the future

    1. Project Manager’s Accountabilities:
  • Project Management KPIs
  • Project Process Management
  • Reporting/Forecast
  • Project Assignment
  • Client/Sub Relationships
  • Jobsite Relations
  • Jobsite Management / Communications

    1. Superintendent’s Accountabilities:
  • Maintain Schedule
  • Contract Resolution
  • Safety & Quality
  • Punch / Closeout

  1. Resolves issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and cohesive.
  2. Effectively collaborates and stays on the same page with team members
  3. Exemplifies and upholds our core values: Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships, OWN IT, Integrity in all we Do, Always a Pro, Cutting edge Cool People.
  4. Exemplifies and upholds our Core Focus: Delivering Construction Excellence via Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships


  1. 10 years' experience working in a large scale professional commercial construction environment doing drywall, carpentry, and trade finish work.
  2. 10 years’ experience leading strong teams as foreman in a commercial construction.
  3. Possess strong accountability, problem solving for the greater good, and the ability to maintain solid relationships
  4. Exhibit attention to detail in conjunction with excellent communication skills.
  5. Cutting edge technical savvy skills are preferred.

Fiorilli Construction, Inc. offers competitive compensation, a progressive benefits package, a collaborative work environment, and so much more.


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