Job Title
Director of Engineering


Min Salary

Min Years Experience

The Director of Engineering is responsible for all system design aspects of engineering activities and design of residential and/or commercial air conditioners and furnaces. Lead and manage the planning, budgeting, and assignment of personnel for the Division’s Development Engineering function. Provides support and leadership to development departments, facilitating continuous evolution throughout the development processes.

  • Manage the development and maintenance activities of all Air product lines with appropriate priority placed on those projects or programs that provide maximum growth potential for the Division and/or best fits the Division’s strategic interests.
  • Align personnel as needed to meet the development requirements of the Air Division’s Product Plan. Determine the type and number of personnel needed for individual development projects, considering such factors as work to be accomplished, skill of available personnel, present workload and contractual limitations.
  • Accountable for execution and alignment with product development business cases, including revenue realization, margin, timing, and cost deliverables.
  • Actively work with engineering teams in annual planning, strategy, and development of projects, setting of goals, building timelines, and managing within budget the Air Division’s new product development plan.
  • Utilize best practice engineering methods to provide expert technical guidance for engineering initiatives.
  • Ensures that all engineering projects, initiatives, and processes are in conformity with the organization’s established policies and objectives.
  • Take initiative to explore, socialize, and implement innovative technologies within the business in order to improve product platforms as well as customer experience.
  • Align and execute in support of product development business cases, including revenue realization, margin, timing, and cost deliverables.
  • Maintain and develop organizational dynamics for collaboration, knowledge sharing, mentoring, and continuous learning. Define and provide training of personnel for enhancement of skill sets and technical competencies.
  • Support the establishment of control programs, and harassment testing to determine product design weakness and evaluate in relation to potential field problems for all Air’s components and Air’s proposed products for sale by the Division.
  • Establish and maintain liaison with industry associations, regulatory agencies, and outside vendors in order to uphold our industry standing, maintain whatever control possible over proposed regulations, which may affect the industry, and be abreast of all technical advancement within related industries and ours.
  • Provide and manage cross business engineering support in assistance of development programs which leverage relevant resources.
  • Interpret instructions and company policies to subordinates. Assume responsibilities for maintenance of standards of performance and training of new personnel, maintenance and improvements of costs, and control of quality and quantity of work of employees.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of those nonexempt and exempt subordinates and recommend for approval merit and/or promotional increases.

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