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Digital Marketing Manager - Covington

The Digital Marketing Manager develops and implements the Company Brand Strategy across all digital channels (email marketing, digital advertising, social media, paid search, affiliates, etc). This position is responsible for growing the agency by developing and managing the marketing team, ensuring timely execution of strategies that drive qualified lead generation, and using KPIs to understand results and set marketing goals.


  • Take ownership of all company marketing process; maintain current documentation of all processes and suggest improvements and updates as often as needed
  • Work closely with the CEO & PMO to transform visionary marketing strategies into working processes and executable projects
  • Define and manage the Canopy brand to engage and retain ideal clients
  • Produce marketing and promotional materials and ensure that they are consistently reviewed and up-to-date
  • Provide leadership and management during weekly meetings with the Social Proof team
  • Ensure high-level and consistent follow-up between copywriting, graphic design, ad management, & social media for cohesive strategy & quick execution
  • Implement internal marketing programs to keep other departments aligned with marketing initiatives
  • Support leadership growth strategies by delivering and executing on campaigns at an extremely fast pace, including email marketing campaigns and lists, monthly marketing and content calendars, website and SEO audience growth, strategic PR relationships and more
  • All Canopy managers must also:
    • Regularly measure and report on department performance to upper management
    • Set goals and objectives, report on progress and provide solutions at weekly, monthly and quarterly strategic planning meetings
    • Develop and manage marketing team, from hiring requests to terminations
    • Develop and maintain departmental and project budgets and P&L statements
    • Build and maintain critical relationships with vendors, agencies and contractors


    • Consistent and predictable qualified lead generation that meets company goals
    • Marketing projects and initiatives are executed on time and on budget
    • Marketing metrics, including ROAS and department profit margin, show constant improvement over time
    • Average lead account size increases to meet Canopy goals and projections
    • Systems in place to manage all areas of the marketing department, including budgeting, performance reporting, department growth, internal communications and brand development


  • 3+ years of digital marketing experience
  • Agency experience is a plus!
  • Advanced skills in content creation including graphic design, copywriting, video production and editing, etc
  • Advanced knowledge of social media marketing, paid and organic advertising
  • Proficient in funnel marketing strategies
  • Excellent communicator and relationship manager
  • Proven track record of delegating work while maintaining excellent results
  • Expert at time management and self-directed success, focused on results
  • Access to a high-speed internet connection

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Covington GA
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