Digital Channel Lead role - JP3567

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Waterloo ON
Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Position: Digital Channel Lead role - JP3567

Duration: 10 Months

Location: Waterloo, ON

Job Description:

  • Experienced Digital Product Owner needed to help deliver exceptional digital experiences at a large Financial Services company.
  • Ideal candidate will be a strong practitioner with the skills to help the digital delivery of a new & innovative program in the Insurance market.
  • This individual should have an extensive track record of introducing best practices, overcoming challenges and ensuring that outcomes exceed the needs of the customer.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide support for the internal marketing teams to deliver excellent digital experiences that help deliver sales for the program.
  • Help resolve impediments that prevent Agile teams from completing sprint commitments.
  • Analyze customer feedback to determine how to deliver enhanced program experiences that will improve the Net Promoter Score.
  • Work with a large vendor to understand extensible architecture capabilities so that we may leverage those to improve the experience of our customers.
  • Represent the program on technology changes and in meetings where technical delivery drives outcomes across two distinct platforms.
  • Work with creative team members to build & deploy new videos and other material to increase program engagement and beautify the digital experience.
  • Work with a content partner to deliver new material that enables customer self-service and reduces (eliminates) the need for members to contact us to resolve minor issues.


  • Experience executing projects in large, complex environments
  • Knowledge of Agile principles and practices
  • World-class facilitation and communication skills
  • Direct experience working closely with UI and UX team members to deliver quality user experiences
  • Strong Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills


  • 5+ years in Project Management or Digital Strategy roles (using Agile and Traditional methods)
  • 2+ years delivering digital projects utilizing a variety of methods including agile
  • Financial Services background
  • Some background as a designer, tester, developer, business analyst or content producer.

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