Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Job Description

This position will be responsible for researching, evaluating, implementing and supporting various DevOps processes and platforms to support the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Position responsibilities:

  • Research, evaluate, implement and support various DevOps processes and platforms to support Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). These include source code management, continuous integration and deployment, asset management across multiple development environments on multiple operating systems.
  • Research, evaluate, implement and support platforms to support change management, ticketing, testing, and project management.
  • Provide ongoing support on current SDLC platforms such as Rational Team Concert, UrbanCode, ANT, etc.
  • Collaborate and pair with other product team members (UX, engineering, and product management) to create secure, reliable, scalable software solutions
  • Work with Product Team to ensure user stories that are developer-ready, easy to understand and testable
  • Write custom code or scripts to do "destructive testing" to ensure adequate resiliency in production
  • Configure commercial off-the-shelf solutions to align with evolving business needs
  • Create meaningful dashboards, logging, alerting, and responses to ensure that issues are captured and addressed proactively

Required skills/experience:

  • 3+ years of DevOps experience
  • Must have strong familiarity with developing in Java, NodeJS or dotnet
  • Must have a strong understanding of build tools such as maven, npm or NuGet
  • Must have a strong understanding of setting up and maintaining CI (Continuous Integration) Systems such as Jenkins, TravisCI, or Drone
  • Must have knowledge of Deployment Scheduling and Automation Tools such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet
  • Must have knowledge of Monitoring Systems such as Prometheus and Grafana, or ElasticSearch Logstash and Kabana

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