Derrickhand - Ft Lupton, CO

Job description

Position Overview: Responsible for all work on the monkey board above the drilling floor and tubing board above the well servicing floor. This is a safety sensitive position.

Major duties:

  • Performs initial completions, remedials, or downhole maintenance operations from an elevated position (rod basket or tubing board)
  • Maintains and performs preventative maintenance and basic repairs to workover rigs and associated equipment; checks fluid, oil, water, hydraulic, and transmission levels; reports any maintenance issues to operator
  • Aligns and manipulates sections of pipe, or of the drill stem from a platform on the rig derrick during the removal and replacement of strings of pipe, the drill stem and drill bit
  • Assists in setting up, taking down and transporting drilling rigs
  • Sets hydraulic jacks, handles pads/boards and assists in attaching guy wires to anchor
  • Operates and maintains drilling rig diesel motors, transmissions, pumps, and drilling mud systems; mixes mud, chemicals, cements and additives
  • Reads gauges to monitor pressure, density, rate and concentration and adjust pumping procedure as required
  • Records mud flows and volumes and take samples
  • Drives company vehicle as necessary over various types of road conditions and terrain including highways, rural roads including paved and gravel surfaces, and off road situations including two track roads
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Skills


  • High school diploma, GED or equivalent education
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task in fast paced environment
  • Works well with others
  • Basic problem solving and organization skills
  • Must have knowledge of oilfield operations


  • Valid driver’s license with clean driving record

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift heavy equipment up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to enter confined spaces above the drilling floor by the use of ladders or other access devices height 30 ft or more up
  • Long periods of standing, squatting, kneeling, reaching or similar activities may be necessary

Typical working conditions and hazards:

  • Work is performed in all weather conditions
  • Exposure to oilfield chemicals and hazardous environments
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