Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Job Description

Job Description:

Bull City Talent Group has partnered with Clarkston Consulting to identify a business data analyst to assist with an enterprise data assessment and building out their foundation in data strategy, data management and data governance as part of a longer-term initiative to execute analytics at scale.

  • The business data analyst consultant will be responsible for assisting with developing governance under the guidance of a Clarkston data strategist.
  • The analyst should have enough technical know-how to understand a conceptual data model; understand the difference between and delineate between customer data and product data; and experience in data architecture to document a client’s data landscape and assess the usage.

Tasks and Deliverables:

  1. Collect, Organize, Diagnose, and Summarize data management process surrounding the entry of data and assess the usage.
  2. Administer, Monitor, Collect, and Analyze survey results to find insights on data usage gaps and needs.
  3. Under the guidance of the data strategist, help develop data governance, data management and complete technical documentation and provide recommendations. The data business analyst will need to be able to develop technical documentation on data structure and users independently in a remote environment.

Skills/Experience Required:

  • Experience in data governance to help assess and develop a governance strategy for an organization.
  • Analyze survey results to find insights on data usage gaps and needs.
  • Good documentation note taking, and summarizing skills.
  • Ability to do daily unguided work on technical documentation.
  • Understands how data flows from system to system and identify critical areas of input and change
  • Experience diagnosing the data management process surrounding the entry of data
  • Deep experience with the Microsoft Office Suite – specifically Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint

Nice to Have Skills/Experience:

  • Experience with reading modeling tools, Entity-Relationship(ER) Diagrams to assess the landscape.
  • Education/Training/Certifications in Data Science
    • DAMA (Data Management Association)
    • CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete)

Screening Questions:

  • What is your experience in reviewing and documenting enterprise data models?
  • Have you ever reviewed, documented, or summarized a company data architecture? (components like integration, analytics, security)
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