Min Salary
Max Salary
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Director of Nursing


McCall and Lee is searching for an experienced DON for a facility in Nebraska.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Essential functions are the duties and responsibilities that are essential to the position (not a task list. Be specific without giving explicit instructions on how to perform the task. Do not include duties that are to be performed in the future. Duties should be action-oriented and avoid vague or general statements.

  1. Direct responsibility for the overall management of Nursing Department
  2. Incorporates control systems that monitor workflow and ensure task completion.
  3. Staffing scheduling and management

Minimum Experience:

Minimum of 2-5 years experience in the LTC setting and a minimum of 2-5 years of progressively higher supervisory/administrative/management.

Education Requirements:

Graduate of an approved/accredited School of Nursing or equivalent. BSN required;

Licensure / Certifications Required:

Bachelor of Nursing Degree preferred.

For more Information please contact:
Kai Russ

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