As a key member of the Cybersecurity / Network Services group, this position is responsible for the deployment, configuration and application integration of DataPower appliances in pre-production and production environments. This position will also support the application development teams to implement Service Orientated Architecture and integration of custom developed web services with DataPower features.


  1. Responsible for the installation and design of the DataPower environment.
  • Configure network configuration including IP, VLAN, DNS
  • Configure and support static / dynamic routing
  • Configure load balancing in DataPower
  • Configure SSL/TLS connections
  • Manage the deployment of XSLT, XSD’s and WSDL’s
  • Troubleshooting environment issues
  • Configure security functions including:
    • AAA policies (application level security policies)
    • RBM access control
    • SSL mutual authentication
    • SSL proxy profiles
    • XML firewall configuration
    • Define standards and procedures
    • Define and document the DataPower architecture and design

  1. Responsible for DataPower development.
  • Configure DataPower Service Objects
  • Configure / build applications
  • Assist with defining policy
  • Write stylesheets
  • Configure error handling/logging/reporting

  1. Responsible for maintaining system availability.
  • Responsible for system maintenance, patching and troubleshooting
  • Responsible for system monitoring and alerting

  1. Responsible for project management.
  • Keep adherence to budgets and timelines
  • Attend project meetings

  1. Responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective business relationship with vendors, suppliers, and trade specialists.

  1. Responsible for related duties as required or assigned.


  • Degree preferred
  • IBM Certified Solution Implementer certification preferred

Required Knowledge / Experience

  • 8 years of experience in general system administration, to include patching, monitoring, and scripting
  • Experience with installation, configuration and administration of Enterprise Web Services appliances or products
  • Experience configuring services and security policies within Enterprise Web Services appliances or products
  • Experience working with XML

Preferred Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Experience troubleshooting SOAP and REST based web service transactions that use Enterprise Web Services appliances or products, specifically DataPower
  • Familiar with other network components like load balancers and firewalls
  • Basic understanding of troubleshooting fundamentals
  • Experience in tuning devices and services for performance
  • SOA and Web Services experience
  • Experience with Linux operating systems
  • Experience with XSLT, PKI, SSL, Web Services/WSDLs
  • Project Management



Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Information Technology

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