WarCollar Industries

We are a Veteran-Owned small business providing Technical Operation’s support and Cyber Security solutions to civilian and government clientele.

We offer competitive compensation packages with plenty of opportunities for advancement.

Health Insurance:

WarCollar pays 100% of the premiums for employee and dependent's health insurance, including medical, dental, and vision. Life insurance, short term and long term disability are also 100% paid by WarCollar.

401K Program:
WarCollar offers 3% Safe Harbor match and up to 6% profit sharing for 401K participants. All company contributions are 100% vested immediately.


At WarCollar, you accrue leave at 10% of the hours you bill. To be clear: if you work 100 hours, you accrue 10 hours of leave. Leave in excess of 40 hours is generally bought back at the end of the year almost like a bonus. Speaking of bonuses...


You are eligible for two bonuses a year, one in July and one in December.

Educational Reimbursement:

Every employee is eligible for $5,000 for educational reimbursement.

Government Shutdown Protection:

If the government shuts down for any reason, WarCollar will cover your time off up to 5 business days a year.

Cyber Analyst
Cyber Analyst Cyber security professionals able to perform Cyber Analysis against high priority topics to national decision makers. The successful candidate will provide assistance in the creation of collection strategies, postures, and plans in order to meet Intelligence and information gaps. Candidates should be knowledgeable in collection management systems.


1. Assist in the validating, coordinating, drafting, submitting, and maintaining of formal Intelligence requirements and requests to the customer.

2. Participate in strategic working groups in order to effectively assist in the planning of long range collection efforts deconflict and coordinate Intelligence and information needs and requirements that cross organizational boundaries, and facilitate joint collection efforts at the strategic level.

3. Assist in the deconfliction of time sensitive requirements among customer partners with assistance of designated members of community personnel as needed.

4. Assist in the planning and management of organic collection assets through the ISR planning process.

5. Assist in the coordination of non-organic collection activities supporting customer missions and goals.

6. Assist in the validation, deconfliction, and consolidation of assigned/attached Intelligence requirements.

7. Assist in the development, revision, and maintenance of Intelligence Requirements as well as support the collection planning of Operational Planning Teams and other working groups operating with the customer.

8. Knowledge of collection management process.

9. Ability to use collection request and management tools.

Please contact recruiting@warcollar.com for additional position requirements. Visit warcollar.com for additional details about our company and additional opportunities available.
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