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Job Description

Would you like to help solve the world's problems one crisis at a time. We are looking for someone with equal parts street smarts and business acumen. Working in an agency environment solving major communications emergencies for Canada's top businesses you would focus on issues related to public and private companies such as:

  • Rebuilding trust with consumers after a cyber attack
  • Identifying the steps required when being targeted by fake news
  • Preparing CEO's and senior executives for major crisis
  • Crafting the right apology after a major crisis
  • Properly monitoring social media channels for potential problems
  • Coaching spokespeople on the tough questions they may face from the media
  • Handling situations involving workplace misconducts and harassment
  • ... and solving other key communication issues as they arise
Working in conjunction with a deep bench and talented team you don't necessarily have to re-invent the wheel to solve each issue but your input on each situation will be key to solving the problem. Four major ingredients are required to be successful:
  • Writing skills;
  • Communications skills;
  • Crisis management experience and;
  • Deep knowledge of stock markets and financing issues
If you have any combination of the above expertise ... we should talk.

Overview: Essentially, you will specialize in helping clients achieve their corporate reputation objectives in a capital markets environment e.g. previous management was involved in a bribery scandal new management wants a fresh start. You would be part of a team which offers a comprehensive suite of services including: integrated, strategic communications and advisory support with regard to corporate reputation, public relations, business transactions, special situations and crises management. You would work with a team of strategic-minded, communications professionals, who also have first-hand experience, and assist companies in navigating the evolving communications landscape and elevating their profiles in an increasingly volatile media landscape.

  • Building and executing comprehensive communications and messaging strategies to help clients achieve their corporate reputation objectives;
  • Providing strategic advice to CEO's, CFO's, Senior Executives and Board's;
  • Coordinating the development of communication materials such as: press releases, speeches, and digital media initiatives;
  • Developing the client’s corporate reputation map;
  • Developing new business opportunities by introducing clients to a full suite of services;
  • Advising clients on a broad range of topics and issues related to communication, disclosure and best practices;
  • Budgetary oversight.
  • Familiarity with managing complex corporate situations: Mergers and acquisitions, shareholder activism, proxy challenges, and litigation an asset
  • Firm grasp of digital/social strategies
  • Writing Skills (a sample will be required later)
  • Communications Skills (we'll meet you face to face)
  • Financial literacy and broad based capital markets knowledge (can you hold your own at an Annual General Meeting?)
Why consider this role?
  • Standardized work hours based on when the markets are open
  • Exposure to a wide variety of industries and personalities;
  • Accelerated learning and career development;
  • A focus on high value-added activities;
  • Improved career stability that survives events such as management changes, takeovers, mergers and unforeseen market events
  • Exposure to and assistance from an elite team of employees focused solely on Capital Market issues;
  • Development of class leading best practices;
  • Administrative support to take care of routine and daily details;
  • In-house design and digital media teams, media-relations, and corporate governance expertise;
  • Fringe benefits such as corporate events, travel and industry conferences;
Contact: Jeff Richmond at 416-238-6400 or

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4023 - NAFOR

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120,000.00 CAD

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140,000.00 CAD

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Full-Time Regular

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