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Converting Manager

Converting Department Job Responsibilities
Safety (Departmental compliance with all site safety programs)
• Ensuring a hazard assessment is completed and reviewed with respective workers prior to commencing any non-routine tasks;
• Ensuring that the (safe) standard operating procedures are reviewed with the respective workers prior to commencing any routine tasks that are performed infrequently by respective individual(s)
• Participate in Safety Meetings and Daily Tool Box talks
• Audits of work tasks and areas
• Area Inspections as required in the Department
• Implementing and enforcing regulations and initiatives.
• Provide safety support for Maintenance crews working in the area.
• Compliance with regulatory requirements.
• Take action to correct reported hazards.
• Monitor work conditions and practices in all the areas of responsibility.
• Correct employees not following rules and procedures.
• Ensure lock-outs are up to date
• Participate in crew safety meetings
• Log Safety contacts with employees.

• Follow the plant manager’s plans to improve performance of area processes and provide feedback.
• Ensure that quality requirements are met.

• Work with LCT, coordinators and operators to ensure instructions are followed as per plan for the day.
• Make sure production targets are met.
• Ensure trouble shooting steps are taking place to correct losses or operational/quality upsets. (Making sure the available trouble shooting checklists are being used)
• Develop and maintain troubleshooting checklists.
• Ensure proper operating procedures are in place and communicated.
• Develop operating procedures that incorporate best practices.
• Identify sources of production losses and develop plans to correct them.
• Work with other operating area personnel to ensure best management strategies are in place and followed.
• Support other machine operations during operating difficulties and down days (cross machine support).

• Identify maintenance requirements of the area and develop operating plans to allow work to be performed efficiently.
• Work with maintenance personnel and set weekly priorities for area.
• Work with maintenance personnel and operations to set up regular maintenance shuts.
• Ensure pre-shut tasks are completed so that all things are in place prior to shut downs.

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