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  • Basic knowledge of and understanding in:
  • Electrical Power. (Proper wire size for current, amps, Volts, AC, DC,).
  • Hydraulic Power. (Cylinders, Valves, proper oil understanding force as applied).
  • Air Power (Cylinders, Valves Mufflers and other air components).
  • PLC (ladder logic control and functions as pertains to machine operation.)
  • Knowledge of light curtains and other safety devices to maintain a safe work environment.
  • Knowledge of repair and replacing test cables.
  • Making recommendations for suitable substitutes on operational components.
  • Read blueprints, engineering sketches or designs; recognize and interpret details as well as slight variations in objects and use analytical skills. .
  • Must keep accurate written records for the ordering of replacement parts and part quantities. Supply manufactures book, drawing and spare parts to maintenance for proper ordering and Pm schedules for equipment.
  • Regularly inspect and adjust manufacturing equipment as a result of communication with the operators or production supervisors.
  • Work with rigging and scaffolding, using ropes, chains, cables, hoists, jacks and lift trucks to move heavy equipment.
  • Ability to operate powered hand tools is a must, and the ability to operate stationary machine tools is a plus. The technician will occasionally perform welding and cutting torch operations.
  • Use precision measuring instruments, and understand how things fit and work together.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate on issues such as scope of work, completion schedules, problems, solutions, materials or parts required, etc.
  • Perform other duties as required and assigned.

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