Date Posted
Torrance, CA
Salary Range
$150,000.00 - $180,000.00

Position Summary

The position reports to the CFO and has oversight of 2 or more direct reports and 8 or more indirect reports an BPO. The Controller is responsible for providing oversight, leadership and management of all functions and activities in the Corporate Accounting Department, Human Resources & Administration Department, and Compliance Division including but not limited to operations, reporting, compliances and policies and procedures. The Controller will set the strategy for driving and achieving excellence, ensure effective controls are maintained, lead focused projects to implement best practice and drive process transformation, and develop staff into a world class team.

This job requires strong analytical and technical abilities and demands fast, but carefully thought-out results. Strong leadership and control of the work process from beginning to end is necessary. The job centers around developing new ideas, systems and technology, and also analyzing and improving on old ones. A high level of expertise is expected and the ability to spot and correct errors is important. Work must be done right and quickly, while always focusing on accomplishing the goal and demanding the highest quality work from co-workers and subordinates. Interest and energy focuses primarily on the work at hand, with negligible inclination for small talk or social involvement. The broad scope of the job demands a factual, direct and authoritative style of communication. Decision-making, though swift, is very calculated and singular, with little reliance on consensus or collaborating opinions.

Job Characteristics

  • Fast-paced environment Leading and controlling multiple projects simultaneously
  • A definite analytical and technical orientation rather than a social orientation High standards, high quality work is of utmost importance Structured, organized and efficient work expected of self and others
  • Big picture, strategic decisions, well thought out and analyzed Calculated risk-taking
  • Blunt, candid and to-the-point communication style