Job Description


Role Summary

This position reports to the Office Operations Manager. The Company’s primary goal for your position is to utilize your skills as a Construction Project Manager for all variations of projects, large or small, timing with other assignments permitting. Your position will require you to manage a large flow of multiple projects at times, including jobsite visit travel, depending upon the workflow company wide as determined at the discretion of the Company.


Project Management KPIs

  1. Taking primary responsibility for project relationships, profitability, and cost controls for assigned projects, including Production, Scheduling, Procurement, Monitoring, & Enhancement for construction projects assigned.
  2. Bring projects assigned to you in on time and on budget and enhance relationships.
  3. Maintain scorecards with escalation procedures before vendor invoice becomes a significant problem.
  4. Assists and supports subcontractors with ProCore requisitions including inquiring on payment.
  5. Assists in the tombstoning of a project to ensure all subcontractors and vendors are paid in full.
  6. Exemplifies and upholds our Core Focus: Delivering Construction Excellence via Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships.

Project Process Management

  1. Vetting of new corporate vendors on an as needed basis.
  2. Review all intended scopes and costing with ownership and the FCI team for any project prior to release/commencement and take primary responsibility for project related cost controls and ensure projects are started correctly via operations and field protocol.
  3. Keep approved vendor & owner change orders current with monthly billing.
  4. Remain current daily with processing invoices in Foundation.
  5. Resolves issues effectively seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner.


  1. Maintaining reporting for scorecards on GP and schedule.
  2. Oversee / check all monthly written billing projections.
  3. Provide project status reports & project profit projections in conjunction with ownership and accounting.
  4. Keep current and accurate reporting on Project Specific Traction Tools for Issues & To Dos, proposing solutions.
  5. Summarize and document impact to financials, gross profit and net income on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Project Assignment

  1. OWN the start date and all requirements that is needed for job start up.
  2. Manage, schedule, and forecasting all subcontractors and FCI manpower for your projects in conjunction with your Superintendent on each job.
  3. Overseeing the scheduling of assigned projects and frequenting job sites under your management for quality, efficiency and safety control.
  4. Collaborate daily with your superintendent on the status of your project.
  5. Update Master Project List weekly and archive electronic project folder once tombstoned.

Client/Sub Relationships Responsibilities

  1. Identify possible subcontractors that would be eligible for early payment discounts.
  2. Evaluate financial impact to gross profit and cash flow for eligible payment discounts for subcontractors.
  3. Lead interface to include relationships with clients, subs, and co-workers on all assigned construction project activities.
  4. Effectively collaborates and stays on the same page with team members.
  5. Exemplifies and upholds our core values: Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships, OWN IT, Integrity in all we Do, Always a Pro, Cutting edge Cool People.


  1. Experience in EOS Worldwide is preferred
  2. 5 years' experience working in a large scale professional commercial construction environment
  3. Strong accountability, problem solving for the greater good, the ability to maintain solid relationships
  4. Exhibit attention to detail in conjunction with excellent communication skills.
  5. Cutting edge technical savvy skills are preferred.

Fiorilli Construction, Inc. offers cutting edge competitive compensation, a progressive benefits package, a collaborative work environment, and so much more.


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Full-Time Regular
Richfield OH
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