Job Description

Commercial Construction Masonry and Stucco Superintendent - Raleigh, NC

This is a supervisory position. The Crew Superintendent is accountable for the safety, quality, and efficiency of projects on-site managing crew, equipment and subcontractors to complete projects within guidelines. The Crew Superintendent reports directly to the Project Manager.

Responsibilities and Duties

The primary functional duties and responsibilities of the Crew Superintendent include but not limited to:

  • Record and report daily production via the tools (i.e. iPads) supplied by the Company in appropriate cost codes
  • Maintain project log
  • Record and report employee attendance and hours (timesheets) on projects accurately and submit on a daily basis
  • Measure areas of production for daily reporting in the appropriate units required (i.e. square yards, square feet, linear yards, etc.)
  • Ensure projects are completed to specifications outlined in project documents
  • When necessary operate equipment or other job related tasks in times of shortage and/or when project deadlines are in jeopardy
  • Physically set grades, layouts and ensure surveys are completed accurately
  • Set up testing labs and set up any required testing and prepare samples for third party test labs
  • Manage crew to maintain the schedule outlined in the project documentation
  • Recommend measures to improve efficiency, product quality, and safety
  • Ensure work areas, vehicles, equipment and work sites are in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Interpret plans and specifications for assigned projects
  • Resolve conflicts and build resolutions to issues arising from plans and specifications
  • Coordinate with the Project Manager to schedule Company Crew, Subcontractors, and materials deliveries to maintain project schedule and budget
  • Oversee the performance of subcontractors to project specifications and work with Project Manager to resolve issues
  • Communicate with Owner or Owner’s Reps and Inspectors throughout the project
  • Providing direct, objective and immediate feedback to crew on performance and behaviors
  • Update crew on Project Performance, both time and budget
  • Provide training to crew members where necessary
  • Work with the Human Resources Manager in matters related to hiring, discipline and termination of Employees
  • Ensure all project site equipment is greased, oiled and fueled properly
  • Make minor field repairs
  • Complete all punch list items in specified time frame
  • Complete and turn in ALL project related documentation to the Project Manager
  • Ensure job site is cleaned up to satisfaction of customer and Company standards
  • Notify Project Manager of any quality or safety related concerns immediately
  • Ensure the crew and subcontractors work in a safe manner, equipment and vehicles are operated safely, conducting weekly safety training meetings and recording attendance
  • Immediately report all work related accidents regardless of other factors and variables
  • Keep Project Manager informed on all ongoing activities
  • Demonstrate initiative by evaluating situations, making decisions based on facts and solid judgments
  • Act in a manner that represents the professional manner reflecting the Company’s values and principles
  • Perform duties in an independent manner with little to no supervision
  • Arrive at meetings on time and prepared to participate, including pre-construction and post-construction meetings
  • Maintain a cooperative working relationship with crew members, supervisors, and all other staff members
  • Refer human resource issues to Human Resources Manager
  • Hire employees for the crew vetted initially by Human Resources
  • Maintain a positive attitude and be a positive example to coworkers
  • Perform duties in a manner that is compliant with all applicable regulatory bodies
  • Perform duties in a manner that is compliant with all applicable regulatory bodies; state, local and federal.
  • Attendance at Company sponsored training meetings.

Qualifications and Skills


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Raleigh NC
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