Job Type
Full-Time Regular

  • Convening and servicing annual general meetings [(AGM)/meetings (producing agendas, taking minutes; conveying decisions etc.)].
  • Providing support to committees and working parties such as the Board of Directors etc.
  • Implementing procedural/administrative systems.
  • Handling correspondence before and after meetings.
  • Ensuring policies are kept current, are approved and that company members are aware of their implications, eg legal.
  • Writing reports
  • Collating information.
  • Providing legal/financial advice during and outside of meetings.
  • Managing contractual arrangements with suppliers/customers
  • Maintaining current awareness about company law.
  • Keeping a register of shareholders and liaising with them on behalf of the company.
  • Financial administration.
  • Organise and prepare agendas and papers for board meetings, committees and annual general meetings (AGMs).
  • take minutes, draft resolutions and lodge required forms and annual returns with Companies House.
  • Follow up on actions from meetings.
  • Oversee policies, making sure they are kept up to date and referred to the appropriate committee for approval
  • Maintain statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries.
  • Deal with correspondence, collate information and write reports, ensuring decisions made are communicated to the relevant company stakeholders.
  • Contribute to meeting discussions as and when required, and advise members of the legal, governance, accounting and tax departments of the implications of proposed policies.
  • Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and take appropriate action.
  • Liaise with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors.
  • Develop and oversee the systems that ensure the company complies with all applicable codes, in addition to its legal and statutory requirements.
  • Pay dividends and manage share option schemes.
  • Take a role in share issues, mergers and takeovers.
  • Enter into contractual agreements with suppliers and customers
  • Oversee public relations and aspects of financial management
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