Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist is responsible for all aspects of internal and external communications. External Communications responsibilities include all aspects of the company's website, social media sites and needed communications for both the media and employment purposes. Internal Communications responsibilities include generation of internal material for employee meetings, updating the internal communication television system and producing material to inform employees of company news.

Job Duties:

  • External Communications responsibilities include, but not limited to, updating the company's website with needed changes or updates to keep the look and feel fresh and relevant. Scanning external sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook or other relevant social media sites for employment related content. This includes managing online feedback as well as questions posted to company pages.
  • Internal Communications responsibilities include, but not limited to, creating all necessary material to continually send information to the employees through various medias. Printed material used for postings; electronic material used in the television system as well as key power point material to assist executives in delivering a professional message to employees.
  • Communications strategy development coordinated with the VP of Human Resources to include annual planning and execution to the agreed upon plan.
  • Assist in reviewing or producing material with various vendors for employee issues such as benefit booklets, handouts or other related documents to ensure a professional image and improve branding.
  • Track all required KPI’s related to Communications function and develop annual projects to improve the process.
  • Assist other leaders in Human Resources for various needs in their respective location or function.
  • Perform other related duties as required and assigned.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • 3 to 5 years’ experience working in Communications functions preferably in a manufacturing setting.
  • Bachelors degree in Communications or Human Resources related field.
  • Possesses functional process knowledge covering all aspects of social media, message creation, communication campaigns as well as proper imagery to assist the message.
  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills and is a dynamic thinker who is open to change and the development of new processes that address current needs.
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