Job Title: Clinical Sales Executive

A proven, innovative, and cutting-edge healthcare and wellness company that sells state-of-the-art Early Disease Detection & Prevention medical device technology and management solutions to physicians across the country is seeking an experienced Medical Device Closer with tangible physician relationships and strong closing success – exhibiting (a) strong physician relationships, and (b) historical success selling medical devices to physicians.

This burgeoning company is a leader in Early Disease Detection & Prevention Technology, population health management and wellness (with solution-based management services) that enables true preventive healthcare; operates via high energy and result-orientated corporate culture and is an ideal environment for ambitious, performance-based sales individuals.

Moreover, this position affords a compelling & unparalleled economic opportunity for tenured sales individuals with a proven history of strong sales results - high closing ratio - selling medical devices to physicians. Essentially, this position could produce unlimited economic benefits for strong closers in the medical device field.


  • Unlimited Performance-Based Commissions


  • Profit Share Upon Sale/IPO of Company


  • $60,000 to $75,000 (OTE = $250,000+)


  • Comprehensive Package


  1. SELL MEDICAL DEVICES: Present the (i) clinical - ANS & Cardiovascular benefits, and (ii) economic (strong ROI) benefits to physicians…and close the deal.
  1. Conduct Device Demonstrations.
  1. Leverage Incumbent Physician Relationships, and Foster New Relationships.
  1. Additional Responsibilities Typically Associated with a Medical Device Sales Representative.
  1. Commitment to Excellence.


  • 50 (or more) existing physician relationships with any of the following taxonomies
  • Strong Relationships with Internist, General Practice, Primary Care, Cardiology, Neurology, or Podiatry
  • Strong healthcare sales aptitude & closing skills – Proven success selling medical devices to physician practices (preferably in the ANS and Vascular space)
  • Strong closing skills – Proven history closing physicians
  • 1-3+ years’ experience selling medical devices or medical sales
  • Clinical knowledge and aptitude with Autonomic Nervous System & Cardiovascular
  • Driven, self-motivated individual that routinely accomplishes their sales goals
  • Professional, client-centric, focused & positive-minded
  • Strong communication skills
  • Honest, assertive, and systematic in work habits
  • Dependable, reliable, and goal oriented
  • College education


  • Unlimited Earning & Growth Potential: The commission & profit share program engender unlimited earning potential.
  • Unpenetrated Market: Sell into an unpenetrated market – we are creating market-share opposed to stealing market-share.
  • Absent Material Competition: Sell a medical device that is absent material competition.
  • Strong Product Desire: Physicians have a visceral need for our medical device technology and management services – Improve patient outcomes & practice revenue.
  • Apex of Medical Technology: State of the art medical device technology and corresponding management services – Early disease detection & patient compliance.
  • Future of Healthcare: Represent the future of healthcare - forefront of industry trends.
  • Comprehensive Training Platform: Comprehensive product training & field support.
  • Highly Efficient Sales Platforms: Strong leadership, guidance, and sales support systems that strongly positions the sales representative for success.
  • Corporate Culture: Participate in an exciting environment with an experienced team of professionals entering a hyper-growth stage.
  • Strong Leadership: Cogent vision, irreproachable execution, resounding attention to employees, and unparalleled commitment to success.


Transformative Heath & Wellness Company That Improves Healthcare Via Early Disease Detection & Prevention Technology:

We Save Lives & Improve Quality of Lives - Positioned to Change-The-World!

  • Improve Patient Outcomes & Increase Practice Revenues
  • Strong ROI for Physician
  • Cutting-Edge FDA Cleared Medical Device
  • Early Disease Detection & Prevention Technology
  • Prevent and Mitigate Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Many Other Chronic Diseases
  • 10-Minute Test
  • Autonomic Nervous System & Cardiovascular System
  • Non-Invasive (no blood draws of syringes)
  • Over 30 Clinically Validated Markers
  • Cardiometabolic Score (0 to 100)
  • Personalized Wellness Program
  • All At the Point Care
  • Engenders Patient Engagement, Motivation & Compliance
  • Preventive Healthcare & Wellness Platform
Save Lives & Improve the Quality of Lives!
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Detroit Area MI