Chemical Technologist

Job Description


The Chemical Technologist Assistant is to monitor clean and maintain proper handling of pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and waste water management systems resulting in consistent and effective preparation of materials to be powder coated, clean water returned to the city, and waste sludge handled for proper disposal while also ensuring that the day-to-day functions as designed by his or her direct supervisor are both adhered to and done efficiently and safely.

Shift Hours:

Monday to Friday

7:00 am to 4:00 pm


Pre- Treatment

  • Monitors proper wash temperature for the substrate
  • Monitors and adjust PH Levels and chemical concentrations and TD’s ( total dissolved solids) of rinse tanks in orange and blue line tanks
  • Monitors and clean spray nozzle ( 5 stages)
  • Clean orange line tanks (5 tanks)
  • Clean blue line tanks (4 tanks)

Reverse Osmosis

  • Maintain Water Holding Tank
  • Monitor and adjust water softener levels

Waste Water Treatment

  • Monitor and adjust zinc and phosphate levels/concentrations in tanks
  • Tank #1 -monitor and adjust PH levels, adding Calcium Chloride to produce sludge
  • Tank # 2 & 3 -monitor and adjust PH levels
  • Tank #4 -ensure proper levels of clarifier and polymer are added for automatic system
  • Clean tanks (4 tanks and city tank)
  • Empty and clean water filters, removal of sludge into drums
  • Manage storage and proper disposal of sludge drums
  • Manage Inventory of chemicals
  • Inspect Raw materials

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Mississauga, ON ON
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Full-Time Regular