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Certified Nursing Assistant
Cranston, Rhode Island

APN Staffing is NOW hiring for CNA's in the Cranston, Rhode Island area. Hours for this contract long- term position are (3:00 pm - 11:30 pm) with different days off during the week.

Hourly rate of Pay is $40 an hour.

This is a contract position and not permanent employment with the State of Rhode Island.

General Job Responsibilities:

Perform a variety of duties involved in providing direct care and treatment to and supervision and custody of patients consistent with nursing care and special treatment plans
Provide simple treatments, such as bandaging and administering enemas; assists a nurse in providing other minor treatments
Provide personal care to patients, including baths, mouth care, perennial care, toiletry, hair care, and shaving
Lift and transfer patients to and from beds, chairs, stretchers, tubs; utilizes correct body mechanics, and personal safety techniques
Make ward rounds and observe each patient’s condition; reports unusual occurrences and irregularities to a superior
Measure and record patients’ temperature (oral, rectal, axillary), pulse, respirations, height, weight (wheelchair, standard scale) and intake and output
Collect and label specimens
Transport/escort patients; assists with a variety of exercise, and recreational patient activities
Maintain cleanliness and safety of the patient’s immediate environment; makes and changes beds, cares for patient’s clothing and personal effects
Recognize and implement a full range of infection control and disease prevention measures, including TB, blood born pathogens, standard and isolation precautions
Antiseptically clean toilets, bedpans, and other equipment used in the care and treatment of patients
Use comfort, safety, and restraint devices as required by policy
Provide patients with basic range of motion exercises
Assist in providing food service for patients; feeds patients who require such assistance
Collaborate with professional staff and contributes to treatment planning and quality assurance activities

Job Qualifications

  • Shall hold a current license in good standing privilege to practice as an CNA by the Rhode Island State Board of Nursing
  • Shall comply with the Rhode Island State Board of Nursing Statutes, Rules and Regulations
  • Current certifications for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS), meeting the American Heart Association standards
  • Shall be familiar with Occupational Safety Health Association (OSHA) regulations
  • Psychiatric CNA experience is required for this position
  • Credentialing completion is required for these positions

To learn more about this position and the required credentialing list requirements, please contact Angelique at or call 602-788-5890 Ext 115