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Full-Time Regular

Job Description

Central Sterile Supply Technician

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree: Certificate.
  • Education: Completion of a central sterile supply training course.
  • Certification: Current certification by the International Association of Healthcare Central Services Materials Management or current certification by the National Institute of Health Care Sterile Processing and Distribution Personnel.
  • Experience: As identified in the TO.

Core Duties:

  • Receive, disassemble and inspect reusable medical devices and surgical instrumentation for damage.
  • Receive and dispose of regulated medical waste, general waste and soiled linen.
  • Comply with OSHA regulations governing the wearing of personal protective equipment at all times when working in the decontamination area.
  • Determine the correct method of decontamination to include the following: removal of blood, tissue fragments, body fluids and other gross contaminants. Decontamination methods shall include wiping, soaking, rinsing, scrubbing and using ultrasonic and washer decontamination/sterilizer equipment.
  • Examine all items after decontamination/pre-sterilization procedures to ensure that gross contaminants have been removed and that instruments function properly.
  • Ensure that all medical devices and surgical instrumentation are properly labeled and identified.
  • Assemble and prepare the full range of specialty trays and instrument sets. Select correct wrapping or packaging material for medical devices and surgical instrument sets, select sterilization process in accordance with standard MTF procedures to include: Ethylene Oxide (ETO) or Steam Sterilization. Correctly label, seal, wrap or place in rigid containers, items with appropriate chemical indicator tape, and aerate gas sterilized items for the correct period of time.
  • Receive sterilized trays, sets, and equipment from the sterilizer; check for integrity of sterilization, (i.e., color changes on indicator tapes, external and internal indicators, and dampness of packages); stock and properly store sterile items in sterile storage room in accordance with MTF procedures.

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