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General Position Summary & Responsibilities:

The Catalytic Convertor Commercial Director (CCCD) reports directly to the Vice President, Non-Ferrous Purchases and Sales. The CCCD is responsible for the profit and loss of the company’s catalytic converter purchasing program. The CCCD with the Catalytic Converter Commercial Manager (CCCM) lead the charge on gaining access to catalytic convertors and other revenue generating core products primarily by focusing in on large to medium sized regional and national accounts, providing higher levels of customer services to these suppliers and support to the regional buying team. By developing new account relationships, the CCCD will maximize potential for additional intake volume and will provide new services that will add margin to the division. The role will improve customer service and settlement process as a single resource within the organization and ensure accurate pricing structures throughout the business unit.

This position operates within flexible parameters. The primary goal of this position is to achieve excellence in the commercial aspects of the business. Providing the highest quality product safely, effectively and efficiently decreases accidents and errors and increases profits.

Essential Functions:

    1. Environmental and Health & Safety (H&S)
      1. Ensures all Auto and Metals Recycling Business Health, Safety and Environmental standards are strictly adhered to.
      2. Communicates and reinforces AMR’s position on scrap acceptance in line with Environmental, Health and Safety regulations.
      3. Suggests and submits recommendations for improving safety and environmental conditions.
      4. Encourages the reporting of any safety violations.
      5. Provides a safe environment for all employees, customers and visitors.

    1. Operational Performance & Best Management Practices
      1. Responsible for overseeing and growing Catalytic Convertor business throughout the company. Must train and support regional buy teams as well as identify and develop new supplier base and maintain relationships for long term gain. Oversees preparation of quotes for large regional and National Accounts.
      2. Provides additional services and must identify profitability and viably of additional services in the core space.
      3. Provides market guidance and overall pricing structure to key operations managers for all core commodities purchased for pickup and delivery to area facilities.
      4. Works with CCCM, Regional NF commercial teams and Operations teams to develop pricing structures for Catalytic Convertors; must understand individual yard cost structures to negotiate.
      5. Works closely with Regional NF Commercial teams and National NF sales team designing buy programs tailored for all purchase channels; from peddlers to large sized accounts with attention to long-term supply/servicing agreements.
      6. Via the utilization of the regional logistics teams this position will work to manage the logistics for all cat and core materials that is picked up.
      7. Sees to the development and use of an auditable and accurate method to accomplish timeliness of reporting.
      8. Continually participates in the design, assessment, implementation, communication and monitoring of the organization’s published policies as they relate to commercial operations.
      9. Responsible for adhering to compliance in initial setting and subsequent changing and updating of pricing structures.

    1. Equipment & Maintenance
      1. Must understand the full spectrum of equipment operational processing costs and plant conversion costs.
      2. Must identify capital needed in order to determine profitability and report-out to Senior Management.

    1. Inventory & Quality Control
      1. Maintains communication with the Regional Commercial and Operations teams regarding market conditions.
      2. Provides proper purchase pricing structure within the business unit, working closely with NF Sales, Regional Commercial and Operations team.
      3. Performs ongoing analysis of known and estimated supplier capacity, by commodity, and of competitors within the business unit.
      4. Works with the Logistics Departments to provide appropriate scenarios for methods and cost quotes to move supplier material.
      5. Monitors Catalytic Converter inventory and pricing position on a divisional and regional basis.

    1. Budgeting & Forecasting
      1. Engages fully in the ongoing analysis of the scrap metals market and the conditions that have a direct affect on the business unit’s ability to be successful in the marketplace.
      2. Communicates as needed with regional NF purchasing teams and National NF Sales teams to stay up-to-date with industry trends in pricing.
      3. Creates and maintains departmental budgeting and forecasting.
      4. Sees to the distribution of all Catalytic Convertor pricing structure guidelines to all involved.
      5. Arranges and facilitates regular meetings to update Regional Commercial and Operations Managers on the conditions in the marketplace and how the Catalytic Convertor business may relate to their operations.
      6. Supports the Catalytic Converter Business Partner in the preparation of forecast and profitability Analysis reports for all Catalytic Convertor purchases.

    1. Administrative Management
      1. Works with Human Resources personnel to prepare job descriptions.

Specific Other Responsibilities (regional, local, compliance):

Within this section and upon the hire or placement of an individual, the Direct Manager will include, if applicable, any additional Essential Functions specific to the region. If necessary, the writer can exclude a specific Essential Function that would not be expected to be performed.

Internal Control Responsibilities:

Supports the Company’s Internal Control process which includes understanding, communicating and complying with defined internal controls as well as suggesting and making modifications to the policies, procedures and controls to better relate to the business.

Communicates upward problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions.

Takes ownership and responsibility for ensuring all internal controls managed within the scope of this job position, including completion by any direct reports, are being performed and signed off on a monthly basis through the internal controls’ checklist.

Supervisory Responsibility:

The CCCM ha no direct reports but works closely with the NF sales teams and commercial teams.


Interpersonal Contacts:

Internal contacts include the local, regional and national Commercial team as well as senior AMR management. Communication is primarily face-to-face, by email and by phone with all levels of personnel including yard operations and management.

External contacts can include suppliers, contractors, vendors or other contacts that relate to scrap procurement, sales and processing operations.

Job Conditions:

Average office environment; occasional exposure to dirt and dust related to scrap yard environment. Work pressure can be substantial during peak times, requiring considerable adaptability; disturbances of work flow, and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Offsite work involves meeting in person with current or potential customers and visiting other locations. National travel will be required.

Physical Activities Required to Perform Essential Functions:

Ability to: lift and carry up to 40 pounds occasionally; sit for extended periods of time, up to 6-8 hours per day; write by hand and keyboard for extended periods of time, up to 6-8 hours per day; assemble papers, hole punch, staple, file; apply enough force to open and close file drawers. Communication is primarily by phone, email and in person. Visual acuity needed for close detail work, preparing and analyzing data figures, inspecting scrap metal, accounting, and computer use.


  1. Knows the catalytic convertor business well
  2. 15+ years of industry experience
  3. Ability to travel
  4. Ability to influence and train
  5. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of MS suite (PPT, Excel, Word, Project, Visio, etc.)
  6. Excellent knowledge of catalytic converter purchasing apps.
  7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  8. Book of business required

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