Fond du Lac
Min Salary
Max Salary
Job Type
Full-Time Regular


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

BENEFITS Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA):

  • Full Benefits; health, dental, and life
  • Competitive Pay
  • Sign on bonus included

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Performing and documenting a pre-anesthetic assessment and evaluation, including requesting consultations and diagnostic studies; selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering pre-anesthetic medications and fluids; and obtaining informed consent for anesthesia.
  • Developing and implementing an anesthetic plan.
  • Initiating the anesthetic technique which may include: general, regional, local and sedation.
  • Selecting, applying, and inserting appropriate invasive and noninvasive monitoring modalities for continuous evaluation of the patient’s physical condition.
  • Selecting, obtaining, and administering the anesthetics, adjuvant and accessory drugs, and fluids necessary to manage the anesthetic.
  • Performing and managing regional anesthesia techniques including, but not limited to subarachnoid and epidural blocks; plexus, major and peripheral nerve blocks, intravenous regional anesthesia; trans-tracheal, topical and local infiltration blocks.
  • Obtaining and preparing all equipment, monitors, supplies, and medications required for the administration of anesthesia. Performing equipment safety checks as per unit guidelines.
  • Managing the patient’s airway and pulmonary status using current practice modalities.
  • Facilitating emergence and recovery from anesthesia by selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering medications, fluids, and ventilator support.
  • Providing a thorough transition of care to the post-surgical care provider.
  • The CRNA is proficient in caring for pediatric, adult and geriatric patient populations.
  • Accepting additional responsibilities that are appropriate within the expertise of the individual CRNA and are appropriate to the practice setting.
  • Responding to emergency situations providing airway management, administration of emergency fluids and drugs, and using basic or advanced cardiac life support techniques.
  • The delivery of quality anesthesia services that are founded in scientific research, reflective of current standards, evidence based and cost-efficient.
  • The CRNA maintains accurate, legible and confidential records.

If you are interested in this opportunity contact:

Kai Russ Recruiter
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