Employee Type
Shelby Township MI

Job Description


Operates manufacturing cell to produce parts in statistical control by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Loading of raw parts into the manufacturing cell.
• Maintain scrap bins, chip hoppers.
• Fill coolants and machine lubes.
• Sweep, mop, clean machines.
• Run CMM programs.
• Run production parts.
• Inspection of parts at intervals specified in the operator instructions, with appropriate responses taken when indicated by part measurements.
• Charting of dimensional data and calculation of process capability.
• Complete on-line production and downtime reporting.
• Adjustment of machine processes or changing tools as needed based on dimensional trends on the parts or the tool replacement schedule.
• Perform titrations and concentration adjustment for process coolants, wash solutions, rinse tank, and rust inhibitor.
• Performs machine maintenance per operator instructions, including additional of oil and water, and changing filters as needed.
• Observe and listen to machine operation to detect malfunctions, such as abnormal machine cycles, bearing noises, and fracture of workpiece or tools.
• Participate in continuous improvement projects.


• Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers
• Pass pre-employment screening (e.g., drug test, background check)
• Previous high-volume manufacturing experience beneficial