Employee Type
Contract Full-Time
Rochester Hills MI

Job Description

This position is responsible for establishing and maintaining a highly competitive and dynamic supply chain, which
complement’s company goals and direction as defined by Corporate Objectives.


• Champion a streamlined procurement process (from RFQ to Receipt) that focuses on solid communications between employees and suppliers.
• Ensure accuracy and completeness of RFQ’s and purchase orders
• Research and evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and the supplier’s reputation and history.
• Analyze price proposals, financial reports, and other data and information to determine reasonable prices.
• Providing adequate competition through competitive bidding
• Negotiate pricing, terms and other contractual issues with suppliers
• Supplier management through the Preferred Supplier Program (PSP) program
• Maintain and review records of items purchased, costs, delivery, product performance and inventories.
• Analyze information and evaluates results to choose the best solution and solve problems
• Broadly support Manufacturing and/or Executing Groups needs for:
• On-time deliverables
• Complete and functional deliverables
• Timely responsiveness by suppliers
• Competitive costs with underlying drive for continuous cost savings
• Develop and manage a highly dynamic supply base which complements internal goals and objectives as defined by OMQ including:
• Develop and implement commodity strategy including supplier consolidation and development
• Continuous improvement and quality
• Effective engineering change management
• Early supplier involvement and development
• Optimize financial performance in terms of:
• Reduce cost through understanding of total cost and key cost driver
• Ongoing drive to reduce standard costs
• Adherence to standard payment terms


• Manage suppliers through the use of Supplier Resource Center
• Evaluate supplier performance and develop new sources of supply as required
• Focus on reducing supplier lead-times
• Maintain the highest ethical behavior while following corporate procedures, policies and procedures.
• Other duties as assigned


• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Strong negotiating skills.
• Recognition of the Uniform Commercial Code, legal and ethical conduct required in the marketplace.
• Demonstrated understanding of contract terms and conditions.
• Ability to interpret blueprints and engineering documents
• Solid PC skills with good understanding of Word, PowerPoint and Excel
• Ability to work in a team environment and develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.
• Strong time management skills


• Bachelor Degree Preferred (Materials Management, Business, Engineering or related program) or equivalent relevant experience.
• Minimum two years of purchasing experience with demonstrated growth as a professional preferred.