• Taking direction from the high-level Marketing Strategy create and maintain an effective go to market strategy that will allow us to target the ideal potential customers. Alignment here will then provide the best chance of success for ultimately delivering revenue into the business
  • Research potential customers to determine suitability & alignment to strategy and then connect to determine potential for opportunity. This is a fast to fail approach that allows us to cover ground with the minimum of waste
  • Where opportunity exists introduce our products, services and core competences ensuring our key USP's are understood and appreciated. This will then open the door to actual tender opportunities and potential revenue
  • Where opportunity exists understand the customer’s business in terms of strategic direction, technical, operational and personal needs and key players and decision makers. This will offer the best possible chance for developing a strong and long lasting & productive business relationship and allow us to effectively align ourselves during the tender phase.
  • Continue to connect and build relationships until an opportunity is provided and then qualify this by understanding the long-term business potential.
  • Once qualified hand over the opportunity to the Strategic Key Account Team complete with full strategic explanation of the customer & opportunity. This will ensure a seamless transition from business development to the tender delivery team allow a winning tender strategy to be developed giving us the best possible chance of producing and being successful with the tender.
  • Develop & maintain a full understanding and appreciation of our products, services and core competencies so that you can effectively present and sell the business, its benefits and unique selling points. This will allow us to become a trusted technical partner and develop strong long-term relationships.
  • Effectively communicate, present and sell the business products & services along with the full range of USP’s.
  • Taking business development learnings and market feedback (market, technology & customers trends) constructively contribute to the business and marketing direction. This is so that we always understand our customers changing needs and can adapt our direction accordingly to ensure long term success. Develop strategic supplier relationships so that we collect the best information possible re customer and market activities. This is to ensure we gather the best market intelligence and can align our activities in the most efficient way possible.
  • Always demonstrate respect, integrity, trust and excellence in interactions with all colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • Always function as part of a cohesive & agile team
  • Utilise & maintain AX CRM to allow effective teamwork, planning and visibility at all levels.
  • Play an active & constructive role in the departmental team, contributing and delivering critical success factors
Effectively contribute in the promotion of the business using the chosen and methods and maintain this activity to provide content aligned to our values, ambitions, products, services and innovation. This will ultimately create the world class technology brand we are striving for.


  • Represents the company in high level meetings with customers in order to solve project related issues.
  • Travel for in-person meetings with customers and partners and to develop and maintain key relationships.
  • Represents the company in organized events and industry related organizations when requested.
  • This position requires the employee to attend work properly groomed and dressed according to the position (casual dressing with some formal dressing required occasionally)


  • Customer Service sales revenue and Gross margin according to approved budget
  • Ensures that proper procedures are established in order to guarantee that all Customer Service related business is done in accordance with company policies and procedures.
    • Ensures 100% compliance with the company’s “Delegation of Authority” document.


  • A proven, high level understanding of strategic selling and customer relationship management.
  • A proven, high level of understanding of general engineering, machine building processes & project Lifecycle.
  • Proven track record in capital equipment sales or solution selling environment in the healthcare industry.
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels adjusting approach or communication channel to suit the circumstances
  • Experience of presenting technical solutions, company presentations and unique selling points.
  • An Engineering or Sales/Marketing degree
  • Strong understanding and ability to use Microsoft Office Suite
  • Valid driver’s license

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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