Baltimore, MD

Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate

Business Analyst Level 2(USD)

Duration: 7 Months

Pay Rate: $21.34

Work Location: 1300 Thames Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230



A Client Processing Representative manages a selection of client accounts dealing with Global Equity based products. The position is responsible for servicing institutional clients, acting as a liaison between multiple Sales Trading Desks, including Programs trading, Electronic, Core, Syndicates, Converts, Transition, and Special Situations. Liaise with Operational teams to minimize risk to the firm and maximize profit by protecting and enhancing client trading relationships.


  • Superior aptitude to understand, utilize, and improve technology platforms
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, leadership, and communication skills
  • Proven ability to work efficiently and accurately under pressure in a fast paced multi tasking environment
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