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Contract Full-Time

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OTC is seeking an individual to assist and support the firm's global Legal Entity Management function. Responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining The firm legal entity information relevant to the information reporting and withholding regime under IRS chapters 3 (non-resident alien withholding and reporting), 4 (FATCA), and 61(domestic reporting) as well as legal entity management requirements under the Qualified Intermediary (QI) agreement. The successful candidate will have a strong risk, regulatory and compliance mindset as well as experience with legal entity management. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to learn and understand tax regulations and facilitate the necessary operational processes and governance in order to ensure compliance. The successful candidate will have the ability to operate across a number of functional areas at the firm, including operations, technology, risk, and tax.

Primary Responsibilities
• Supports and refines our legal entity tax form distribution and tracking process (Forms W-8, W-9, Self-Certification, etc.)
• Monitors, updates, and enhances the existing legal entity management function to ensure it runs efficiently and in compliance with relevant regulations (existing and new), including the maintenance of desktop procedures
• Identifies gaps and risks with current operating procedures, processes, and controls
• Develops and gathers metrics for senior managers within TCRO
• Organizes periodic internal reviews of compliance with regulatory requirements
• Monitors and maintains The firm's legal entity list, including its FFI and QI list

Specific Functions
• MS legal entity tax form creation and dissemination
• Monitor for new MS legal entity creation and changes to existing MS entities
• Perform FATCA FFI review/reconciliation
• Perform MS QI/QDD legal entity review
• Register or deregister MS legal entities in the IRS FATCA/QI portal
• Respond to requests for MS legal entity address/name changes in the IRS FATCA/QI portal
• Perform the triennial MS legal entity renewals for certain MS legal entities in the IRS portal
• Gather MS legal entity information to classify for FATCA purposes
• Reconcile MS legal entities for IGA Reporting

Skills & Experience
• Bachelor’s degree
• 1-3 years of experience
• Experience in legal entity management experience in the financial services industry preferred
• Experience with regulatory reporting, registration and monitoring preferred
• Operations/controllers experience preferred

Additional Skillset
• Critical attention to detail and meeting deadlines
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Good analytical and problem solving skills
• Ability to conduct themselves effectively with senior management
• Advanced MS Office skills, including MS PowerPoint
• Tax knowledge a plus (not looking for CPA)

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