New York City, NY

Job Type
Full-Time Temporary

Pay Rate
Duration: 3 months
Location: New York, NY 10019


Division: Legal and Compliance
Mid Level Analyst
AML experience is a MUST

The WM Enhanced Due Diligence Analyst will conduct comprehensive enhanced due diligence reviews of both new and existing clients including analyzing corporate structures and other documentation as necessary

- Develop an understanding of anti-money laundering regulations, policies, and procedures
- Engage various third-party and internal databases to assist with due diligence searches as needed. Etc.
- Legal Background or JD Degree is not necessary but will be better if the candidate did.
- Enhanced Due Diligence for High Risk Customer Accounts
- Coordinate and collect client specific information and complete documentation to perform enhanced due diligence of new clients in accordance with company policies and procedures
- Conduct client due diligence in various third-party and internal databases
Ongoing Monitoring and Review
- Execute daily review and analysis of surveillance items flagged as potentially suspicious transactions or alerts
- Perform ongoing reviews and monitoring of client accounts for potential matches to adverse media alerts, designated sanctions targets and prohibited persons lists
- Conduct daily review of outgoing wire payment exceptions generated from government watch list alerts; review will include evaluation and analysis of payments to determine approval, rejection or the need for further investigation

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