South Jordan, UT

Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate
Top Skills
VBA, Complex Excel Functions, SQL (in that order)

Experience Required

Combined 2+ Years in:
• Metrics
• and/or Dashboard Building
• and/or Coding/Scripting in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
• and/or Coding/Scripting in Structured Query Language (SQL)
• and/or Coding/Scripting in Python
• and/or Coding/Scripting in Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)

Required Technical/Analytical Skills
• Strong Quantitative Focus
• Strong Excel Knowledge: Generate pivot tables, graphs / dashboards, write complex formulas including nested ifs, vlookups, index/match*
• Knowledge of VBA* - highly preferred
• Exposure to SQL*

*Will be tested in the interview with actual questions to see if the applicant's provided answers 1) Work (and how well they work); 2) Make logical sense if they didn't work; 3) How much of the response uses the requested language solution - Example (this will not be on the test): Show me how you would write a VBA script to copy and paste data from one sheet to another sheet.

Beneficial Technical Skills
• Comfortable learning new systems and technologies
• General Statistics (averages, trends, standard deviations, weighted averages, etc.)

Interpersonal Skills
• Demonstrate ability to meet stringent deadlines
• Outstanding analytical skills (able to develop and produce meaningful reports from multiple streams of data)
• Able to simply and concisely convey complex ideas
• Thorough attention to detail with excellent prioritization skills
• Must be a team player
• Must be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Enjoys solving problems and streamlining processes
• Poised & self-confident (not afraid to ask questions or speak-up)
• Enjoys high volume, fast paced, dynamic environment
• Excellent communications skills: Verbal & written
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