New York City, NY

Job Type
Full-Time Temporary

Pay Rate

Business Analyst I

Work Location: 1585 Broadway, New York, New York 10036

Duration: 6 MONTHS

Pay Rate: $20.74


Nice to have is someone not in the finance space, need someone who can create company/individual profiles, History or English major, good writer.

The PMCC Individual Prospecting Temporary Hire will support the team by executing connectivity/IPO account verification to determine existing accounts or relationships with key companies. They will also be responsible for helping to create individual and company profiles.

The person's specific responsibilities will include: Strong written and internet research abilities, the ability to work effectively on a team, outstanding communication and interpersonal skills (both written and oral), an ability to understand and interpret numeric data, demonstrated leadership skills, a strong desire and commitment to understand the global wealth management business. 0-3 years’ experience.

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