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  • Develops strategies and programs that improve the productivity, quality, and efficiency of equipment and process of the company
  • Studies and measures machines, conveyors, benches, furnaces, and other equipment.
  • Studies sequence of operations to be performed and flow of materials.
  • Confers with operations, engineering, and plant staff regarding equipment manufacturing capabilities relating to production schedules to facilitate efficient production processes and reduction of processing cycle time.
  • Develops and writes equipment specifications, performance requirements, cost analysis, and proposals for integrating new and current equipment into the manufacturing process.
  • Coordinates all aspects of equipment development and improvement including tool design, fixture design, machine programming, machine delivery, prove-out, and run-off.
  • Provides and maintains detailed documentation of equipment including drawings, set-up parameters, and operational and preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Oversees installation of new equipment to ensure adherence to company specification.
  • Develops methods to test the ability of new and existing equipment to perform designated tasks.
  • Confers with plant personnel to implement equipment standard operating procedures and resolve system malfunctions.
  • Determines feasibility of designing new plant equipment or modifying existing while considering costs, available space, time limitations, and company planning.
  • Provides technical information concerning equipment relating to manufacturing or processing techniques which could affect long range plant and product engineering planning.
  • Determines current and new equipment parts supply, maintenance tasks, safety/lock out procedures, and service schedules necessary to maintain proper equipment operation.
  • Analyzes engineering proposals, process requirements, and related technical data pertaining to equipment that contributes to efficiency, repeatability, and part quality.
  • Coordinates all available knowledge and information into finished drawings showing most efficient location of equipment and necessary working area around each.
  • Uses computer assisted drafting software and project management tools to develop capital appropriation requests.
  • Confers with personnel in other departments, such as sales, production control, operations, and product engineering to provide technical information.

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