Associate Territory Manager - Peripheral Interv.

Here is some information:
ASR job in Manhattan.
-BD- Peripheral Intervention/former CR Bard peripheral vascular division
-I outline the story of BD to candidates (third largest revenue generating medical device company in the world- $15B- and with that comes world class trianing, products, and acquisitions) and ALWAYS make sure that they have not applied online before submitting them to the manager. I've learned to check in early (I'm sure you do this too), so I don't waste time telling them about the job when I can't represent them.
-I tell them the story about what they'll be selling- peripheral vascular products. I go through how 'plaque' is from lifestyle and how they probably have heard about it in people having heart attacks and strokes. I then go into how it affects the whole body- it's just where it's presenting at the time. Then I dive into why blockages are a big deal. We talk about arteries and their role of supplying oxygen and nutrients to tissue and when they are blocked in the leg- initially patients have pain, can have wounds, can go on to have a cold foot/gangrene. I tell them that this could lead to an amputation and how these are not people who just get up and walk with a prosthetic leg- in fact 50% of these people go on to die in 5 years after an amputation.
I then segway into the goal of the products are to open up blood flow in the patients' legs and restore 'circulation'. I don't deep dive on products- but tell them that they will sell stents (brief explanation on a stent), balloon catheters, and even catheters with medication on them. I tell them that the job is a clinical sale and relationship based. No call on nights and weekends, but they will be in cases quite a bit. I educate them that they'll work in the cath lab (similar to an OR, but where these arterial procedures for the heart and leg) take place.
Comp- $80K base and $10K in bonuses. I ususally ask what they are making first. Full benefits as per BD.
ASR- They will be an ASR for one to two years (I've seen promotions as soon as 10 months) and then can be promoted to a TM where the initial comp plan would be $150K ($70K base and then rest commissions)- all uncapped- with the opportunity to make significantly more. I do let them know that BD is a career company (promotion to TM 2 ($185K @ plan), TM 3 ($235K @ plan) and then ability to move up to a field sales trainer and leadership/internal in Tempe (PV HQ is Tempe, AZ). I tell them that all the DMs were TMs (other than one) and that all the RMs and the Director were TMs.
The position is open because there was a promotion.
Training- Three weeks in Tempe, AZ and multiple weeks of field rides.
Generally what I do at the end of the call (assuming we have confirmed they have not applied) these are the steps I'll follow:
  1. Confirm that I'll submit them and tell them we work directly with HR and this manager and we will submit them online
  2. Get their email address and send them a job description (attached).
  3. Ask them to respond to my email and send their resume asap.
  4. From there, I'll ask you to submit them in Bounty (the req is NOT opened yet- once it is, I'll send you my log in AND have you start putting them in). In the meantime, just send me resumes/writeups as you have them (until the Bounty req opens)
  5. Let them know I'll be in touch with them to coach them and set up interviews.
PROFILE: Ryan Silsbe, the manager, LOVES the big companies and a proven track record. He also likes a polished candidate.
He LOVES ADP, Paychex, and Cintas. Xerox, Konica Minolta, etc. He is 'ok' with Enterprise as long as they are a stand out and have done B2B sales within the role.The person needs to be doing 100% outside, B2B sales (or at least 80%)- NO inside sales.
They need to have a clean resume and consistency/progression. His ideal person is the 1.5 to 3 years at ADP after college candidate who has had some type of unfortunate circumstance that has made them gritty. He and this division love grit.
Honestly- If someone is GREAT from ADP and there one year- I'd submit them- as long as they will be promoted from ADM-->DM within a month. Generally it's best to have them promoted to DM. I'd say 1-4 years and not making more than $80-90K would be the profile.
Hi Kin,
I am submitting Brittany Rovner for the ASR job in Los Angeles. Brittany earned her bachelor's degree from Florida State in 2016. She earned her degree in nursing and initially had the goal of earning her master's degree and becoming a NP. Brittany decided to take some time and move in a different direction before pursuing that goal. She moved to Barcelona, Spain and taught English for a year. When she returned, Brittany decided to pursue sales instead of becoming a NP and was hired by ADP in October of 2018. Brittany was an ADM for nine months and was the first in her hiring class to be promoted to a DM. She has exceeded her goal in year one and is trending above goal this year and is on track to be awarded p-club (see resume). In addition, Brittany has been identified as a 'leardership development candidate', which means that she mentors two new hires and this fall she would be moved into a leadership position.
Brittany likes selling and is not interested in working in leadership (for ADP). She is ready to pursue the next step in her career- which is medical sales. She is confident that her knowledge of nursing and proven track record in sales will allow her to be successful. I think Brittany is great- she is definitely driven and I think will run through a wall to be successful. She offered that she makes a base of $51,500 and at plan will earn around $85K.
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