Apprentice Carpenter

Job Description


Role Summary

This position reports to the General Superintendent. The Company’s primary goal for your position is to utilize your trade skills as an Apprentice Carpenter for the general trade work necessary for all variations of commercial construction projects, large or small, timing with other assignments permitting. Your position may require you to travel at times depending upon the workflow company wide as determined at the discretion of the Company.

Carry out tasks related to the building, construction and joinery trades, under the supervision of a qualified tradesman/instructor and consistent with apprenticeship year level. Attend off the job trade school to complete learning and assessment outcomes required for a carpentry apprenticeship.

First Year Outcomes

  1. Five (5) “JOB HERO” Zero Punchlist deliveries on projects assigned to in the first year
  2. Make sure our General Superintendent doesn’t touch the tools!
  3. 4 VIP core client recommendations

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities


  1. Apprentice level Carpentry skills
  2. Apprentice General Trades Skills
  3. Apprentice Training
  4. Punchlist Trade work Support
  5. Warranty Trade work Support


  1. Carpentry, metal studs, acoustical ceilings, flooring, and other general trades work with background in construction and remodeling to include framing, trim, windows, doors, and siding.
  2. Accurately read blueprints, project plans, and specifications; determine material needs, estimate costs, and prioritize tasks to minimize production delays.
  3. Ability to meet the physical and mental demands to perform the duties required for this position
  4. Possess full range of quality tools, reliable late-model truck, and excellent driving and attendance record.
  5. Carry out construction, assembly, alteration or renovation of buildings, structures, fittings, cabinets, digging footings, erecting sub-floor structures; wall and roof framing; internal and external cladding; fit-out and fixture of doors and all building hardware and fittings
  6. Use hand tools, e.g. hammers, chisels, hand saws, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and levelling devices etc.
  7. Use power tools, e.g. electric/battery drills, power saws, routers, sanders, planners, laser levelling devices, pneumatic (air) tools, e.g. nail guns
  8. Operate workshop equipment, e.g. static machines, band saws, docking saws, thicknessers, routers, bench grinders, etc.
  9. Collect and assemble building supplies
  10. OSHA 10 hour training minimum, 30 hour preferred
  11. Use safe and appropriate means to access (both internal and external) for building and construction sites and environments
  12. Follow appropriate safety practices when using ladders, other access ways, handrails, barriers, scaffolding and mechanical lifts (trained/licensed users only)
  13. Follow established policies and procedures for Protective Personal Apparel (PPE) use and the use or nonuse of devices such as mobile phone in workplace and training environments
  14. Follow appropriate manual handling techniques for manual tasks including lifting and moving items
  15. Follow safety and environmental practices for handling building products, fluids and waste products
  16. Drive vehicles and operate machinery (licensed users only)
  17. Complete appropriate documentation and recording information on computerized programs
  18. Carry out theory and practical assessment tasks
  19. Follow written and verbal instructions in workplace
  20. Communicate and interact with others in workplace, may include customer interaction
  21. Read and interpret various types of construction/architectural diagrams
  22. Some tasks will require moderate dexterity and moderate to high physical exertion through varied working positions, e.g. standing, kneeling, bending and overhead positions, working at heights plus digging and handling building products.
  23. Apprentices are expected to be available during required working hours for both work placements and make their own safe travel arrangements.
  24. Please note that all tasks carried out in conjunction with this position will be done so in accordance with OSHA & BWC legislative requirements, codes of practice, job safety analysis and safe working/operating procedures.
  25. Participates in resolving issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and cohesive.
  26. Effectively collaborates and stays on the same page with team members
  27. Exemplifies and upholds our core values: Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships, OWN IT, Integrity in all we Do, Always a Pro, Cutting edge Cool People.
  28. Exemplifies and upholds our Core Focus: Delivering Construction Excellence via Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships


  1. Preferred to have 3+ years' experience working in a large scale professional commercial construction environment
  2. Carpentry experience and some form of skilled trade work
  3. Strong accountability, problem solving, and attention to detail
  4. Dexterity, customer service orientation, and teamwork capabilities
  5. Good math skills
  6. Cutting edge technical savvy skills are preferred

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