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Applications Delivery Manager (Oracle DBA)

Position Details:

  1. Manages and directs the transaction processing group including setting priorities, coordinating, and reporting of group activities. The Applications Delivery Manager is responsible for the daily activities of the members of the database applications group.
  2. Provides senior technical leadership to IS and the enterprise including being conversant with the future direction of transaction processing systems, how that direction will impact the enterprise, and how future and current systems can be exploited for the benefit of the enterprise.
  3. Serves as a source of documentation and standards to help direct the activities of IS as a whole.
  4. Works closely with other groups to coordinate plans and activities including coordination to facilitate specific development projects that involve the database and on-line processing, the coordination of software upgrades, and the installation of new transaction processing programs, as well as transaction processing programs developed externally.
  5. Attends development and design walk-throughs.
  6. Provides weekly and monthly reports on transaction processing performance as well as forecasts of future utilization.
  7. Recognizes and identifies potential areas where existing transaction processing policies and procedures require change, or where new ones need to be developed, especially regarding future business expansion.
  8. Presents at local and national user groups.
  9. Publishes articles describing both the enterprise's activities and assessments of technology.
  10. Participates with the hardware and software vendor and others to engage in bet and beta and field testing of relevant application changes.
  11. Performs at or above the enterprise's Information Systems performance standards.
  12. Fulfills departmental requirements in terms of providing work coverage and administrative notification during periods of personnel illness, vacation, or education

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Full-Time Regular
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