Air Separation Unit Manager

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Initially, this position will work with the Project Management team for installation of the new unit and EAF Facility. The Air Separation Unit will be operated for in-plant use of the EAF. The position will be responsible for effectively dealing with technical and non-technical issues related to production by recognizing potential problems and making critical decisions. The role will be directing the safe, efficient and economical operation of the facility, and coordinating activities of four union represented employees engaged in overseeing the Air Separation Unit operation.

Qualified candidates must be able to effectively engage teams and promote an environment of respect, communication, and collaboration through two-way communication and encouraging new ideas and different perspectives that drive individual, team, and company success.

Job Responsibilities
-Administer the safety program to ensure a safe work environment, including proper housekeeping.
-Coordinates, organizes, and directs activities of the operating crew.
-Works closely with vendors and contractors.
-Monitors all steps of the operation to ensure Standard Quality and Operating Practices and guidelines are being followed.
-Reduce unit downtime and improve performance of facility equipment.
-Develop and implement operating methods and procedures designed to eliminate operating problems and improve product quality.
-Plan and directs production activities for products in keeping with effective operations and cost factors.
-Implementation of the production plan by coordinating material movement and equipment operation to meet customer specifications – including quality and delivery requirements.
-Assist workers in diagnosing malfunction in machinery and equipment. Devise and implement cost saving strategies.
-Perform administrative activities such as scheduling crews, completing production reports, conducting safety conversations, and complying other reporting as necessary.

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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