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Duties and Responsibilities

Primary job duties and responsibilities.

Operating Company Activities

  • Coordinates with our Banks to retrieve and monitor lockbox collections and cash applications to customers’ accounts.
  • Works with the Sales Team to provide information regarding credit limits, past due amounts, the status of credits due to customers, etc.
  • Calls customers to inquire about past due payments.
  • Calculates and provides the selling price for the variable consideration piece of our Q2 sales
  • Coordinates with Inside Sales to make sure the sales are properly stated.
  • Monitors and calculates the reserve for sales discounts for month-end close. Uses judgement to make sure the reserve complies with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • Reconciles the AR trial balance to the GL each month.
  • Reconciles sales information from three IT systems to verify completeness and accuracy.
  • Performs all the other month end close procedures surrounding AR.
  • Does the research necessary to correct errors made by the bank in applying cash.
  • Prepares the monthly borrowing base support for the ABL in accordance with the document requirements.
  • Prepares the roll-over paperwork for the ABL.
  • Periodically supervises part time help on cash application and other procedures.
  • Does special projects when required.


Minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job:

  • An accounting or finance degree
  • Fundamental knowledge of GAAP
  • 3+ years similar experience
  • Working knowledge of Great Plains accounting software a plus
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Dependable
  • Detail oriented
  • Organized
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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