Job Category
Admin / Secretary
Irvine, CA
Salary Range
$18.00 - $20.00

  1. Customer service
    • Take phone calls and assist customers to get products and services
  2. Sage Accounting System Transaction
    • Issuing Sales Order
    • Issuing Purchase Order
    • Creating reports including Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Invoice Register, Physical Inventory List, General Ledger, General Entry Journal, Financial Reports, Customer Ledger, and other reports upon request from supervisor
  3. Filing
    • Sales Order, Invoices and other documents from customers
    • Purchase Order, Payment stab to venders, and other documents from venders
    • Other documents upon request from supervisor
  4. Mailing and receiving
    • Mailing invoices, statements, etc.
    • Receiving from USPS, UPS and other couriers.
  5. Receptionist work
    • Any customer service, Assisting guests, etc.
  6. Reporting
    • Any irregular situation or condition need to be reported to your supervisor once issues are found
  7. Inventory control
    • When the shipping department has busy schedule, you may be required to help the shipping procedures go smoothly upon request from supervisor
    • At the end of each half period, inventory must be counted physically on hand. This procedure will be announced by management. You are required to assist the persons in charge
    • Occasionally, inventory counting may be proceeded for adjustment or any other reasons in the middle of the half period. You may be required to assist the persons in charge.
  8. Purchasing
    • Checking stock of office supplies and collecting needs from co-workers. Preparing list to be purchased. Purchasing at stores or online
  9. Other works related to accounting, human recourses, payroll, general affairs
    • For any works related to your supervisor’s works, you may be required to assist him/her.
  10. Sales administrative
  11. Secretary work
  12. Tax related administration work, (i.e. Sales Tax)