Baltimore, MD

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Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate

Looking for two junior resources. Some background in Finance/Accounting through school/work experience would be key, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Soft skills – strong written and oral communication, good time management, good team work are important.

Looking for two people to help provide additional resources in our daily balance sheet production team to cover for a staff leave as well as to allow the more experienced members of the team to be freed up for upcoming project testing.

The resource will be responsible for daily Balance Sheet reporting and financial analysis for various products. These analyses are intended to provide management with relevant information regarding the divisions balance sheet positions. Additionally, they will be coordinating quarterly due diligence analysis, consolidating the average balance sheet reporting related to the firms external disclosures and accommodating management with any ad-hoc requests. The individual is expected to demonstrate flexibility and to deliver consistently under tight deadlines.

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