Employee Type
Full-Time Regular
Plymouth MI

Job Description

General Position Summary
This position mainly handles Company’s accounting operation. In addition, this position provides support to Company’s executives as well as handles HR administrative functions.

Essential Job Functions


  • Records vendor accounts payable and/or purchase invoices.
  • Issues checks and initiate bank wire transfer
  • Audits for receiving checks, makes a deposit at a bank, and records payment against accounting
  • software. (Peachtree/File Maker)
  • Audits for developing sales invoices in File Maker and records sales in Peachtree.
  • Develops sales and reimbursement invoices to parent company as needed.
  • Audits for developing machine sales invoices and updates machine worksheet which include invoice
  • and payment information.
  • Communicates with accounting firm for accounting related matters. Develops estimated payments.
  • Schedules annual reviews.
  • Records all invoices and purchases, including credit card purchase, monthly basis.
  • Reconciles bank accounts, BS accounts, AP/AR, Sales and Costs, etc.
  • Develops monthly financial statement, budget and actual, financial results. Submits information to
  • parent company.
  • Reports states’ sales and uses taxes (MI & CA), property tax statement to Plymouth township.
  • Handles/directs physical inventory process from accounting standpoint.
  • Reports quarterly consolidated financial using online reporting system
Executive Assistant
  • Provides support to Vice President and President regarding inquiries from parent company.
  • Provides support to current and former expatriates.
  • Communicates with bank, attorney, insurance agencies, accounting firms for corporate matters.
  • Develops reports to Vice President and President.
  • Provides support for internal audits or compliances as needed.
Human Resources/Payroll/Administration
  • Administers hiring/termination information.
  • Updates salaries, 401ks, deductions and/or bank information as needed.
  • Processes payroll semi-monthly basis. (Manages expatriates’ payroll as well)
  • Administers company provided benefits (401k and health insurances).