ATM Field Tech - Tulsa

Our Client Company is looking for an ATM Field Technician . This position will require a thorough Banking background check, drug screen and clean driving record. Driving and Technical

Experience preferred. Great opportunities for advancement in growing company. This is a full time position with 401k, benefits, healthcare. Candidate can live in the Tallahassee, FL; Dothan, AL; or Panama City, FL areas.

We are looking for:

1. Good driving record, background, pass drug test

2. Mechanical background and aptitude

3. Computer/Electrical background and aptitude

4. Customer Service experience

5. Experience with ATM's.

All Techs are Full time and provided with a gas card and company vehicle. Each tech is provided with a I Pad, cell phone, most large electric tools. However, tech will be expected to have common hand tools like hammer, wrench.

Automated teller machine (ATM) technicians, also called ATM servicers or repairers, diagnose, repair and install ATM machines. ATM field technicians travel to client locations to diagnose and fix the problem on site or remove the machine and take it back to the shop where it will be worked on by ATM bench technicians. Using equipment that includes multi-meters, diagnostic software and hand tools, ATM technicians fix problems such as worn card readers and malfunctioning cash dispensing systems. As the financial industry implements new technology, more ATM technicians are required to work on electronic kiosks as well.

Tulsa, OK
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