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Blockchain Researcher

As of October 2017, our single focus has been to give institutional investors peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their digital assets. Through a unique combination of security engineering, financial services expertise, and user-centered experience design we are determined to build the world's most sophisticated crypto-native custodian.
Business Opportunity:
By creating a secure storage solution for crypto assets that’s not only safe, but also accessible, we will remove one of the final roadblocks deterring institutions from investing in the cryptocurrency asset class.
That said, our business is asset-agnostic and built on the following 3 hypothesis:
1. Blockchain and crypto assets are here to stay.
2. Safe and secure custody of the underlying private keys will only increase in importance.
3. Institutional investment will bring additional legitimacy and trust to the cryptocurrency asset class and ultimately create a virtuous cycle of growth and stability for our business.

Role Description:

    • Generate research reports for all of the assets to be supported within the Anchorage system, for internal consumption. This is an important role that will provide critical leverage to our engineering, product, client success, recruiting, and compliance teams.
    • Assess and provide recommendations to the Anchorage team on the technical and cryptographic soundness of existing, upcoming, and forked blockchain assets.
    • Analyze cost benefit of adding support for blockchain native features such as staking, governance, distributed oracle, and smart contract mechanisms
    • We may also publish selected reports for the general public as part of our technical marketing efforts, or institutional reports on request by our clients
    • Measure, document, and make predictions on key traditional financial indicators for crypto assets, including but not limited to liquidity, trading volume, market capitalization, and risk.
    • Measure and document key blockchain financial indicators, including but not limited to crypto-economics, game theoretic mechanics, global mining/staking capacity, decentralization, and usage statistics.
    • Assess, explain, and report on crypto asset governance structures, from fully decentralized models to federated trust to fully centralized systems, including notions of on-chain governance, core developer governance, and foundation-based control structures.
    • Work in close collaboration with our compliance and legal teams to understand the legal structure under which assets will exist, with particular focus toward AML procedures and regulatory classification (security, commodity, property)
    • Work in close collaboration with our engineering team to provide background on assets. Consume and summarize technical background documents from engineering in order to add technical and security assessments of crypto assets.
    • Create training and educational materials for the Anchorage team, and participate in employee onboarding and ongoing educational initiatives.


    • You have strong mathematical and analytical skills (including Calculus and Statistics).
    • You understand the cryptographic primitives of blockchains (including one way hash functions, public key cryptography, and digital signature schemes).
    • You've refined a clear and concise writing style.
    • You're able to clearly communicate through written reports and visual aids (charts, graphs, analysis, etc.).
    • You're genuinely interested in learning more about blockchain technology and the crypto-movement.
    • You’re comfortable navigating environments that are constantly changing, such as a high growth startup.
    • You self-describe as some combination of the following: creative, humble, ambitious, detail-oriented, hardworking, trustworthy, eager to learn, methodical, action-oriented, and tenacious.

Bonus Points:

    • You have a deep familiarity with cryptographic primitives like hash functions, elliptic curve cryptography, ring signatures, ZK-Snarks, etc.
    • You've developed mathematical skill in any of the following fields: Formal Methods, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory
    • You've built up a knowledge base around distributed systems theory and failure models.
    • You have experience running blockchain nodes or mining rigs.
    • Your writing style is engaging and entertaining.
    • You're familiar with investment frameworks.
    • You've seen and were emotionally moved by the musical Hamilton (the founder of our nation's financial system :).
Founded by Nathan McCauley & Diogo Monica, the Anchorage team is backed by Andreessen Horowitz (Chris Dixon) , Khosla Ventures (Keith Rabois), and a strategic group of angel investors across Silicon Valley and Wall Street.
Start a Conversation:
If you would like to experience the front lines of a global paradigm shift, and you believe (like we do) that safe custody of private keys will become a cornerstone of our economy - we should talk!
Anchorage is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status. Anchorage considers qualified applicants regardless of criminal histories, consistent with other legal requirements.
Anchorage refers to crypto-native custody products and services offered by Anchorage Hold, LLC and Anchorage Global, LLC, each a separate, affiliated company wholly-owned by Anchor Labs, Inc., a financial technology company headquartered in San Francisco, CA.
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