Silicon Valley, CA
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SVP / VP of Product (Title depends upon experience).

LOCATION: Position is located in Silicon Valley. Prefer candidates that already live in the area or be willing to relocate. Working remotely is not an option.

COMPENSATION: This is a key position. Company just received a new round of funding. The compensation will include base, bonus, equity and full benefits package. Client is willing and able to put together the right package for the right candidate. The focus is on hiring the best candidate.

MANAGEMENT STYLE: Position reports to the CEO. He is very team focused. He gives clear objectives with a focus on alignment and then let everyone get their job done. He is happy to help whenever someone needs help, but he is not a micromanager. He is more of a “servant leader.” Need a good communicator with excellent communication skills. Need someone who is very clear, especially since they have such a distributed team. He is looking for a team player who loves to compete.

CULTURE: This is a performance-based culture. It is a fun environment with focus on making the world a better place. It is very open. Everything is shared with the team. People count on each other and keep their promises.


  • Must have recently held a product leadership position at an Internet of Things company, or at a company that has an app, platform, and hardware.

  • Must have deployed a cloud-based platform that has scaled to 1M+ users.

  • Need someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a small company, but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Ideal candidates will have gone through the high growth and scalability issues of a startup or high growth stage company. Prefer candidates with a successful track record building a product from early adoption through market share leadership.

  • Must have experience in the mobile app sector. Candidates do not have to develop the apps, but they need to be very familiar with the whole app world. Must have experience developing an open SDK and interfacing with independent developers. The platform has an app that runs on it, but it is an open platform that can run other apps. Therefore, you need to think about how the platform will support other developers putting their apps on it.
  • Must be someone who works really well with the engineering team and understands a high-performance engineering culture. Need someone who can hold their own with developers.

  • Prefer someone with previous experience working with mobile operators.
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