Bilingual Payroll Manager

Los Angeles CA
Web Salary Range
$70,000 - $75,000
Position type

This company is seeking an experienced Bi-Lingual (Spanish) Payroll manager with expertise in California wage and hour regulations to oversee the Clubs compliance with California law. He or she will be responsible for the administration, coordination, and management of payroll services for the Club, ensuring employees are accurately paid on time, all personnel actions, timekeeping and leave reporting are accurately processed; and all disbursements and commissions are correctly calculated and paid. He or she will conduct staff and manager meetings and trainings as necessary on payroll-related issues and be responsible for recommending and developing payroll policies, systems and best practices that contribute to the continuous improvement efforts of the Club. The successful candidate will have a Bachelors degree from an accredited four-year college or university, preferably in a job-related field, or the equivalent amount professional experience with payroll management in an organization with complex personnel systems. Strong computer and communication skills are a must as is the ability to communicate comfortably and effectively in small or large groups in Spanish and English.

• Serve as in-house subject matter expert in all California payroll regulations including wage and hour laws, reporting and record-keeping statutes. Responsible for personal compliance and monitoring club-wide compliance, reporting any and all issues to CFO and/or HR Director (HRD). Review and audit existing internal practices and procedures Identify and document required procedures, processes and reports.
• Review, verify and process payroll data for transmittal to outside payroll service for processing. Review reports from payroll service, bringing any discrepancies to the attention of the CFO and ensuring final print outs of payroll reports are available for review prior to final processing. Produce an accurate payroll on time each pay period. Prepare manual checks as needed.
• Review and post in the system all earnings including lessons, camps, hits, strings, grips and monetary incentives to ensure proper payment. Track appropriate agreements for all employees receiving commission.
• Monitor consistent adherence to required payroll procedures and practices to ensure adherence to all applicable laws and established guidelines. Stay abreast of developments in wage and hour regulations and legislation affecting payroll, bringing new developments and requirements quickly to the attention of HR Director and CFO. Revise and update information resources as needed.
• Help to teach and enforce Club rules, regulations and policies associated with payroll, seeking help from CFO and HR Director as needed. Conduct training in English and Spanish for new and existing supervisors and participate in new employee orientation to train new hires as requested.
• Liaise effectively with staff and Department Heads and Club Managers to reconcile all payroll matters in a timely fashion. Ensure adequate documentation of all recommendation, decisions and actions.
• Work directly with Team Members who have paycheck questions, knowing when to escalate to their supervisor and/or Human Resources.
• Liaise with Human Resources for all employee information related to payroll including classification and status, pay rate, vacation, sick leave, 401k and other benefits.
• Maintain all deductions including medical, dental, 401(k), life, LTD and others. Track all deductions on spreadsheets and use to audit and reconcile insurance bills. Review insurance statements for accuracy and submit for payment.
• Ensure timesheets are distributed each pay period to all nonexempt employees; that they are reviewed, signed, approved by the appropriate supervisors, and filed appropriately. Follow up on missing or late timesheets to ensure a complete set of records.
• Prepare daily missed punch, meal penalty and overtime reports for submission to managers. Ensure all overtime is documented, approved and accurately paid including calculation of a blended overtime rate as needed. Ensure all meal breaks are recorded and all necessary meal penalties are paid timely.
• Oversee Club time reporting and leave accounting systems. Work with timekeeping vendor to troubleshoot timeclock malfunctions, etc. Register new employees fingerprints in the timeclocks in a timely manner. Re-register employees fingerprints as necessary.
• Track and audit attendance records for all Team Members including tracking of time off and exchange holidays for exempt employees. Follow up on exempt employee time off requests bringing any issues or challenges to the attention of their supervisor, HR and the CFO.
• Track and audit vacation and sick leave accruals to ensure accuracy. Review sick and vacation requests to ensure that requested hours are accrued, approved and paid according to Club policy including HRD or GM approval for vacation requests of more than 2 weeks.
• Ensure that staff changes are recorded in the computer system used to produce payroll are properly authorized and recorded according to established policy and procedure. Input changes as requested by HR.
• Participate in vendor selection and evaluation of payroll/HR systems. Serve as Team Lead on software implementation and updates. Participate in efforts to transition to a paperless office.
• Organize department records and data, storing all payroll files and documents in safe and secure place, locked when not attended and accessed by authorized personnel only. Store only those records required by law, purging and destroying records appropriately on a regular basis, obtaining HRD approval of files marked for purging. Respond to records requests as needed, ensuring nothing goes out without the approval of the HRD.
• Provide support to the CFO in preparing financial statements related to payroll.
• Assist internal and external auditors
• 250 employees
• Payroll PO Oasis System used