Cloud Architect

Our client is looking for a Cloud Architect for their real-time AWS streaming platform. This is a rapidly expanding end-to-end cloud IoT platform that was started within the past couple years and is responsible for collecting data on the performance status of industrial equipment. The team is a growing hardware/software innovations group combining deep engineering knowledge with the best of software engineering and data science. The position involves hands-on experience with AWS infrastructure and, because it is a smaller team, versatility and willingness to wear multiple hats is highly valued. The client location is near to both Ogilvie and Union stations.

Essential Functions:

  • Architect and build infrastructure for a complex, end-to-end, real-time streaming IoT platform environment using AWS infrastructure.
  • Responsible for design, scalability, automation, security and performance of a highly-available, real-time cloud environment with large volumes of data and growing by 1TB per month on average. This includes:
    • Auto scaling
    • Capacity planning and monitoring of cloud storage
    • Load balancing and clustering of Spark and Kafka environment
    • Virtual Private Cloud Security
  • Implement best practices, train other team members and investigate new technologies to meet performance requirements
  • Perform feasibility studies
  • Design and implement prototypes for early / usability testing.
  • Champion security by design.
  • Participate in design and automation of cloud deployment architecture and CI/CD process for microservices applications technology stack
  • Work closely with scrum software development teams to actively identify & resolve quality issues throughout development.

Required Qualifications:

  • Proven, recent experience building a scalable, secure, highly-available, real-time cloud environment
  • In-depth knowledge of AWS services and hands-on experience in AWS provisioning.
  • Experience with cloud environments and experience with competency in AWS infrastructure, EC2, EMR
  • Containerization experience, ideally with Kubernetes
  • Experience working with a real-time messaging environment, ideally with exposure to Kafka but other messaging experience is acceptable
  • Experience managing NoSQL databases (ideally mongoDB)
  • Experience with deployment automation - CI/CD pipelines
  • Good understanding of Cloud-based application deployment architectures including experience with Microservices
  • Experience with Virtual Private Cloud security.
  • Ability to help identify and implement best practices

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with Jenkins or Maven, Git/version control
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Chicago IL