Boston, MA
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Vice President of Sales. This is a management position. You will only have a team quota.

LOCATION: Position is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Prefer candidates that already live within commuting distance or are flexible to relocate. Working remotely is an option.

COMPENSATION: This is a key hire. Compensation range in the first year will most likely be $300-400k+ OTE plus full benefits including health, life, dental, 401k, etc. It will be a 50/50 plan with no cap on commissions and meaningful equity. The CEO wants someone who is incentivized and committed to the team’s success. Client would like to know what you want to make and what is important to you. Client wants to hire someone who is motivated and confident in their ability to be successful in this role.

MANAGEMENT STYLE: Position reports to the CEO. He has been a leader his entire career. He has helped create and shape the culture of every organization to which he has belonged. His ideal culture is:

• Collaborative and collegial (no sharp elbows)
• Fast-paced with a focus on execution (need to get things done!)
• Growth mindset (experiment, learn, innovate)
• Quality focus (product, customer service) He considers himself a servant leader.

It is his job to help the team succeed. He communicates clear, achievable standards often and follows up with praise/recognition or constructive feedback frequently. He will build consensus and then stay the course to ensure that everyone executes to a very high standard. He doesn’t panic, ever, and trusts and believes in his teams. He is not afraid to make hard personnel decisions since he puts the team dynamic and success first. He has worked with leadership and the employees to capture and codify what they wanted to stand for. Then he will integrate those principles into everything they do, from hiring to performance management to how the teams and organization is structured. Then he evangelized this message by sharing anecdotes and recognizing excellence throughout the enterprise.


  • Must have recent and significant experience as a VP Sales with responsibility for a team quota at a SaaS/ mobile company with significant MRR growth generated through direct sales to the higher education market and/or enterprise customers.

  • Must have recent and significant experience closing multi-year SaaS deals with universities and colleges. Need to have experience selling to Provost and VP of Student Affairs and ideally CIO too. Any experience selling to VP Academic Affairs and whoever heads communications at universities is relevant too. Average sales cycle is about 5 months. The average contract is 3 years at $50k+ per year. Each rep has an annual sales quota of ~500k. There is renewal as well as upsell opportunites. Net churn last year was negative. Need someone who is familiar with this type of sale and process. Need someone who is very good at facilitating the sales process. Need someone who gets the deals closed.
  • Must have quantifiably grown revenue by selling better and improving the sales pipeline metrics (e.g. I went from selling from $5m to $8m and by increasing the average deal size and sales performance period while teaching my team how to close bigger deals faster and overcoming objections, etc.)

  • Must be someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a small company but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Ideal candidates will have gone through the high growth and scalability issues of a startup or high growth stage company. Experience working in a dynamic environment is mandatory as well as experience growing a company from nominal revenues to phenomenal revenues at least once in your career.

  • Must be able to outline concrete examples of your ability to build up a team with low turnover. Please make sure to mention how you have created top performers and developed people. Need an amazing motivational coach and charismatic leader.

  • Must have previously managed a team of at least 10 people. Need someone who can ensure that the team has the best possible talent (A players) at each level. Structure comp & incentive plans. Coach and keep top talent and remove non-performers efficiently. Need someone that can be very hands-on, roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to achieve goals while building and managing the team. Must lead by example. Need someone that is very self-motivated, mature and humble.

  • Must have strong and significant sales process experience. Must be able to design, meet and manage a plan. Need someone very strong on strategy and execution. This is an execution play. It is not a proof of concept. The product is terrific, and the company is already profitable. You just need hire the right people, establish sales processes, tracking and visibility, execute and scale the business.
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