Infrastructure Automation Engineer



Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Job Description
The Infrastructure Automation Engineer will design, develop, maintain and support of our clients new or existing build and automation processes in support of Cloud readiness and Maintenance without Disruption. Responsibilities include the ability to identify areas for process automation improvement, automate existing and new processes, maintain and deploy cloud infrastructure, and support the Agile software development lifecycle build process. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you send resumes to directly to

Position Location: Cary, NC

Position Details: Contract to hire(6-12)- Performance based efforts

: Ansible, AWS, GIT, Linux, Docker, VMware, Redhat

Essential Functions

• Design, build, deploy, and maintain system automation in the cloud or on-premise, supporting both project and operational infrastructure needs
• Lead automation and provisioning of storage, compute, and network resources
• Leverage, support, and advocate the use of a configuration management tools for infrastructure automation across multiple environments
• Deploy and configure services needed to meet operational and project objectives
• Assist in automation and maintenance of CI/CD toolset and process; help diagnose build failures and identify root cause as needed
• Conduct necessary analysis, design and prepare technical documentation for new toolsets and processes
• Experience managing an automation framework that addresses concerns such as access control, change management, monitoring/logging of changes, self-service, case management integration, etc.

• Administration and deployment of cloud compute, storage, and network resources using leading industry cloud providers (e.g. AWS*, Google, Azure, etc.)
• Ability to setup up access control and identity management for users in a cloud environment
• Understand how to enable and deploy key services such as HA and disaster recovery e.g. backups, email services, database services, advanced application services etc.

Container Infrastructure:
• Deployment, configuration, and management of containers using leading container solutions (e.g. Docker*, Kubernetes*, Docker Swarm, OpenShift, etc.)
• Experience setting up and managing container cluster networking solutions (e.g. Kubernetes network/ingress plugins, etc.)
• Experience setting up and managing container cluster persistence storage volumes
• Product reliability
• Quality of product releases
• Number of Extended outages
• System SLA, # of outages
• Releases
Non-Essential Functions
• Secondary tasks and duties (desirable, but not primary focus of position)
• Miscellaneous duties as assigned

Additional Requirements:
• Education
• Experience
• Certification/Training • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent field and 5+ years of technical experience
• Familiarity with Linux and Windows running in physical and virtual VMware environments
• Understanding of deployment build tools e.g Git, Nexxus, Jenkins, and Maven, etc.
• Familiarity with Vmware, Redhat
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