Interim Director of Nursing- FILLED

The position reports to the COO, who has all clinical departments. This position will oversee all the nursing depts - OB, Med/Surg, ICU, ED, Surgery, OP Pavilion. Approximately 100 nurses. Had a good interim in this role and when she left they thought they would see how things would go without replacing but the COO is swamped.

Challenges are: 1. L&D physical unit does not meet current earthquake standards. Looking at moving the unit to the 2nd floor of the patient tower in a former pediatrics dept. 2. L&D has a problem manager and the dept has followed her lead and does not feel the rules apply to them, despite having low patient satisfaction scores. 3. Med/Surg-ICU manager is retiring next year. 4. ED Mgr is only about a year into her role and has great potential but needs mentoring.

They are about 1 year into a clinical ladder program and it still needs some work to complete such as creating self-governance model.

Also need to work on cross-training nurses and protocols on when nurses float to different departments.

The long-term is the COO will retire in 18 months and they would like this role to move into the COO job.

Need someone that has managed multiple departments. L&D experience a big plus.
Job Type
Contract Full-Time